Siemens Dishwasher Error Code E25

Siemens Dishwasher Error Code E25

Why error E25 occurs

The drainage failure in the Siemens dishwasher could be as a result of the presence of clogs in the drainage pipe. Additionally, if the impeller is clogged, error E25 is likely to occur.

Substances like food debris, toothpicks, napkins, shards of dishes, or even small bones can cause clogging.

Washing dishes alone is not enough. Washing the appliance that helps you wash the dishes is equally important.

Not debris can clog the drainage system, but also any dirt, including the cooking oil from dishes, can accumulate and form a layer of dirt. With it, water might not be able to pass, resulting in drainage problems.

Fixing error E25

  • Reboot

Error E25 can be solved by resetting it.  If the error is due to temporary software failure, consider rebooting the device.  Do so by first switching off the device, and then disconnect it from the main power source. Wait for approximately 15 minutes then reconnect the appliance to the power source and switch it on. If the error doesn’t clear, it could mean that there is a technical malfunction that needs more precise inspection.

  • Check the drain filter and impeller.

A blocked impeller would with no doubt cause water drainage problems. Locate the impeller by opening the chamber door. Then remove the basket at the bottom the drain all the water from the pan. You could use a sponge or any other means you find suitable. Remove screws from the drain filter and then use water running water, preferably from a jet or just any water under pressure to clean the filter.

Unscrew the pump cover then pull the damper to remove it. Use clean water to wash off all dirt from the impeller.  Follow the steps from backward to reassemble the device.  In case the impeller breaks, get a new one for replacement.  However, if there is a burn in the winding, consider changing the entire element.

  • Check the drain hose.

If cleaning the drain filter and the impeller doesn’t work, consider checking the drain hose for clogging. First, switch off the device and disconnect it from power. Drain all water from the machine and then turn it over its back so that you can remove the bottom. Make the clamps loose and then remove the drain hose. Clean it and reassemble the device.

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