Siemens Dishwasher Error Code E15

Siemens Dishwasher Error Code E15

Why error code E15 occurs

When the dishwasher has a water leakage or overflow, the aqua protection system is triggered, issuing error E15. When this happens, the control panel becomes insensitive to pressing. The device could also switch off and may also beep.

Fixing error E15

There are several ways to solve error E15, depending on whether it’s a system failure or a malfunction. Below are some techniques you can try to bring your machine back to regular operation.

  • Reboot

If you suspect that the error appears due to system failure, you could reboot the device to reset the error. You reboot by disconnecting the appliance from its network for approximately fifteen minutes then reconnecting it back.

If the error is due to malfunction, check keenly to see the part from which the water could be leaking. You can then proceed to fix the faulty part, but first, you must turn off the appliance.

  • Check the metal bunker.

If it’s the metal bunker that is leaking, find the cracked part and seal it probably by welding. If the crack is enormous beyond welding, you might be required to buy a new metal bunker.

  • Check the filter

Clogs in the filter result in excessive pressure in the nozzles. As a result, the nozzles could tear, leading to leaking. To avoid this problem, be sure to clean the filter regularly.

  • Check the water level sensor.

The water level sensor could either be worn out, oxidized at the connection, or the elements could be damaged. Replace the water level sensor if you identify any of the listed problems.

  • Check the drain pipe.

With continuous use of the dishwasher, pipes could get clogged with food particles. Drainpipe clogging can dictate error E15.  Clean the pipes and hoses of the plumbing system using a plumbing cable.

  • Check the door latch.

A poorly fixed door could cause leakage. Check if the door is set correctly. If not, fix it and also check the clamp to ensure that all things are in order.

  • Check the float

If water gets retained in the appliance amidst the dishwashing process, the float switch could get stuck. If it’s the case, replace the float

  • Check the belt

If your dishwasher has a pump belt (new models could be lacking), check if the belt is worn out, torn, or stretched. Replace if need be.

  • Check the waste disposal unit.

Because it’s connected to the dishwasher, the garbage disposal unit could block the free flow of water outside the appliance, especially if the unit is new. Replace it with a matching unit.

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