Siemens Dishwasher Error Code E04

Siemens Dishwasher Error Code E04

Why error code E04 occurs

The failure of the flow sensor could lead the Siemens dishwasher to issue error E04. When there’s a malfunction with the nozzles, the error E04 could also show up. This happens if the water is very rigid or if there are blockages at the nozzles so that the jets are unable to pass water freely through the sprinkler holes. The series of malfunctions result in poor water supply into the appliance.

Fixing error E04

  • Reboot

Sometimes dishwasher errors occur not because of malfunction but because of mere system failure. In case of error E04, start by plugging the machine from the power source and letting it stay in the condition for about fifteen minutes. Then reconnect the device and check if the error has cleared.

  • Clean the sprinkler

If the error still occurs after rebooting, consider cleaning the water sprinkler. Start by removing the rocker from the seat then rinse it under running water. Use a toothpick or a thin stick with sharp ends to clean the nozzles.

During cleaning, you could use a unique salt that minimizes water hardness. Soft water is less like to form limescale on the parts and components, thus preventing the occurrence of error E04.

  • Check the flow sensor.

If you have cleaned the nozzles, but still the error keeps on reappearing, there could be a problem with the flow sensors. Flow sensors are the parts responsible for regulating the flow of water into the nozzles.

While Siemens dishwashers have the flow sensor, others have the pressostat. Both the flow sensor and the pressostat serve a similar purpose. Depending on the part installed in your Siemens dishwasher, when there’s a problem with either of the two (press start or flow sensor), the dishwasher will indicate error E04.

A problem with the sensor can only be solved by a replacement of the part. Basically, when choosing the part for replacement, put into consideration the model of the Siemens dishwasher. Original parts suit specific devices. On the contrary, counterfeit parts can suit any device, but they might not serve you efficiently.

Generally, error E04 can be avoided if proper care is taken with the dishwasher. Care and maintenance practices such as cleaning the filters and other parts that require cleaning will go a long way. When cleaning areas prone to scale formation, be sure to use the recommended cleaning salts that reduce water hardness.

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