Siemens Dishwasher Does Not Wash The Dishes Properly

Siemens Dishwasher Does Not Wash The Dishes Properly

Siemens dishwashers are widely known due to their service reliability. However, even with such a feature, this brand is prone to break down. At times, users notice that their machines are faulty and malfunctioning, and therefore they can no longer carry out the dishwashing task in the proper way.

Indication of faultiness

It is quite easy to notice malfunctioning while using the device. After carrying out the complete process of washing the dishes and drying them, food stains or even grease stains may stick on the surface of the plates.

Your dishwasher may not be cleaning dishes correctly due to improper loading. However, if you are sure that you are loading the dishes properly but the machine is still not cleaning as expected, try washing the dishes on a longer cycle or while using a higher heat with a more robust cleaning detergent.

This improper washing may be as a result of:

  • Issues with the software module
  • Broken circulation pump
  • Issues with thermal relay
  • Faulty sprinkler impeller

The defective water turbidity sensor is usually installed only on the premium class models.

Troubleshooting technique in the Siemens dishwasher

Before engaging in the repair process, you need to make sure you have special tools for detaching the case. Once you realize that the problem is in a defective node, you may need to have a spare part to replace the component.

Since the device’s elements rely on the nature of the faultiness, the accurate record of faultiness cannot be quantified. Thus, you will need both a screwdriver and an adjustable wrench. Where the nuts are fixed in hidden places, a ring wrench whose head corresponds with the diameter of the fixing component may be of great help.

Procedural steps:

  • Observe the way your dishwasher is operating
  • Take out the case cover and assess the part with the problem.
  • Undertake a replacement for the broken elements
  • Fix the device using the reverse order
  • Reconnect the machine and test if it is working properly

However, if you have followed all the procedures mentioned above and are still experiencing the same issue, then the malfunctioning symptoms are complex to diagnose without a specialist having an expertise inspection by taking out the appliance. As such, you can contact the Siemen dishwasher company’s customer service for further assistance.

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