Siemens Dishwasher Does Not Take In Water

Siemens Dishwasher Does Not Take In Water

In terms of quality and reliability, Siemens products, mainly the dishwasher, has been at the top. However, no equipment is free from the risk of becoming faulty at some point in its lifespan. Therefore, when the time comes, it is essential to take precautionary methods and measures to fix the problem.

To start with, you need to be calm to resolve the following faultiness:

  • First, inspect if the machine is correctly connected to the power supply network. Notably, the power cable may be defective, or the plug may have had a breakdown. Besides, assess the voltage in the network, and there is water in the water system. Be keen on looking at the tap of cold water, and maybe it is closed and is hindering water from flowing into the equipment.
  • If, after doing that, the device fails to turn on, you should pay close attention to the drain hose connected to the pipes and the dishwasher. It occurs that the drain hose bends and this blocks the water from flowing into the device
  • Disassemble the drain hose and inspect for blockage. If any faultiness is realized, you should take them out by using a robust water supply. Also, examine the state of the gasket to make sure there is no leakage.
  • If the drain valve filter is blocked, the machine does not take in water. Visually, it looks like around mesh. To resolve this issue, you should take the filter out of the valve and keenly wash it with a lot of water. If it does not function properly, you may need to replace that drain valve, which can only be repaired by a dishwasher specialist.

Faultiness of the water supply valve in Siemens dishwasher

A defective water supply valve may be a possible cause of the malfunctioning. Inspect how well it carries out its operation. Also inspect the built-in coils along with the unique measuring equipment, a tester. If this element displays a little resistance, it indicates that a valve coil has a short circuit. However, if the circuit is zero, the coil may have a break in the winding. As such, the valve should be exchanged with a new one, but it should have the exact capacity of the coil.