Samsung Dishwasher Error Code Oe

Samsung Dishwasher Error Code OE

Error OE

This problem mainly occurs when the dishwasher is filled with water. As a result, it becomes faulty hence interfering with the discharge system. As a result, the OE error would be displayed on the screen.

Possible causes

Clogged discharge system

The clogged discharge causes error OE due to water blockage. One of the procedural approaches for solving this problem is by switching off dishwasher to cool. This is followed by opening the door, finding the grid on the lower body part, and turning the filter knob CCW. Then, remove the cover and take out the microfilter. The dirt which could have been accumulated in this filter should be removed with a brush and its parts to be cleaned with flowing water. Afterward, check the condition of a discharge tube and do the necessary measures in clogged quick mode. After doing this, install the grid and filter cover back. If the OE error code still appears on display, then the cause of the problem is the water discharge hose. Note that water stagnates on the machine whenever this pipe is pressed or clogged. In this case, remove and clean bend hose to avoid obstruction.

Intake valve failure

This component feeds the water inside the chamber. Whenever the unit receives a signal from the level switch that the tank is not full, the printed circuit board would be sent to the valves. This calls for the membrane to be closed firmly. If the part is out of order, the hole will remain open, making the water intake not to stop. Consequently, error code OE would appear on the screen. If so, the machine should be powered off, which is followed by valve closing.

Electronic regulator failure

Control unit failure can cause an OE error code. To be certain, check whether all programs and modes in a machine are available. Here, the error is rectified by updating the software.

Water level sensor (wires) open circuit

When it comes to fixing this error, the user is advised to replace the whole wiring harness. Afterward, make a new lay-up for recovering the conductivity and install a new one. Skin and connect the damaged signals manually or solder them thoroughly.

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