Samsung Dishwasher Error Code Le

Samsung Dishwasher Error Code LE

What does LE error code mean and how to remove it?

It is the leak error which makes the equipment to stop working once it appears on the scoreboard. One of the easiest means of restoring this problem is by rebooting the machine. An individual is required to close the shut-off valve, which is followed by unplugging the machine for approximately 5 to 10 minutes. If this measure fails to work, look for other additional causes as extraneous factors can cause it.

Error causes and elimination

If error code LE reappears in Samsung dishwasher, it is necessary to determine the source of the leak and find the stage in which it appears. The main thing which can be done here is to fulfill an inspection with the closed valve and power off.

The drain pump is out of order

During washing, the damaged drain pump leaks. This calls for the replacement of the old gasket. If they are not the cause of the problem, then it is clear that the pump has gone out of order. The problem calls for diagnosis and repair by the professionals.

Leaking tank

Mechanical damage to the tank can act as the other cause of the error. Factory defects or violations of the operating rules have been proved to happen with this problem. One means of rectifying the error is by dissembling the dishwasher and look for moisture traces. The defective parts should be replaced with new ones.

Problems with the drain filter

This problem can either be caused by pollution or incorrect installation. If the cause is clogging, then LE error would appear on display during washing. At the same time, water will be witnessed to flow through the gaps. If so, one should unscrew the filter, which is followed by washing and replacing it. There could also be a possibility of forgetting to clean the drain filter thoroughly after fixing it. Therefore, it is advisable to screw the parts tightly to avoid distortion. So, remember that the torn thread will not help, which calls for replacing the filter element.

The dispenser is clogged or cracked

Check whether the error code would display when the water is beginning to enter the chamber. The user is called to inspect the detergent tray as it could have been damaged or accumulated with powder residue on the walls. In the latter case, the dispenser should be cleaned, while it must be replaced on the former.

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