Samsung Dishwasher Error Code 9e

Samsung Dishwasher Error Code 9E

Through its sensors, Samsung dishwashers can determine the amount of water required to wash dishes. When the sensor ‘feels’ that the available water is not enough, it sends signals to the control board which then activates the self-diagnosing system making it to start blinking. Afterward, error code 9E is displayed and this prevents the normal launch of the program.

Error 9E: description

The error code 9E is attributed to water level sensor for DMT350/800/610/400, DW80F600, or with Assay Sensor ECS for DW80F800 and DW80F600.

If the code is appearing for the first time, its recommended that you try resetting the unit by disconnecting it from the mains for 10-15 before reconnecting it.

In some Samsung dishwasher models, the error can be reset manually. To do this;

  • simultaneously press the Power, heavy buttons, and delicate to call up the menu. (The menu should show at the upper left corner of the panel);
  • Using the normal button, scroll the list downwards, and select FT. (By selecting the command, the water tank is automatically filled and emptied);
  • If there is a problem in water drainage, select S in the menu for forced draining.

The system may not reset in the first attempt but repeat the process several times (2-3 times) until it resets.

Reasons Error Code 9E

The error code is usually due to faults in the electrical components. However, before checking it, ensure the device stands steadily, the inlet valves are functional, and the inlet is not twisted or pinched

Something blocks the float sensor

The error 9E could display if the lever is stuck and cannot respond if pressed, its wall is covered with sticks and slimes, or there is an accumulation of debris that prevents its rotation.

To get rid of the error, wash the sensor, clean the walls around it, and if the leveler is stuck, press it several times.

The wires are broken or not connected

The error could also appear if there is a faulty electrical connection for instance if a short circuit occurs, wires are damaged, or connectors are weakened.

To resolve the error, extend the dishwasher to check the electrical circuit between the brown wire and its connections in the control board. If the damage is minor, squeeze or solder the wire or otherwise replace the wires.

At times, the sensor may not give the right signal, and in this case, it has to be replaced. Also, the problem could be in the control board. This is if parts are it’s burnt, chains are damaged or the microcircuit broke during a power surge. In this case, chains and the parts can be repaired but the microcircuit has to be replaced.