Samsung Dishwasher Error Code 7e

Samsung Dishwasher Error Code 7E

Error 7E – what does it relate to?

A problem in the water wall system causes error code 7E. It is important to note that this is only applicable in Samsung patented technology introduced to new Samsung dishwashers. Therefore, the code in the discussion should not be confused with E7. Generally, the problems associated with both of them are completely different.

Priority actions

Error code 7E may appear both initially and repeatedly in Samsung dishwasher. This can be witnessed when turning on the unit and after starting the program. In the first case, one should rest the dishwasher, as described below.

  • Disconnect it from mains;
  • Wait for 15-20 minutes;
  • Plug the cord into the power outlet;
  • Check at the control panel

If error code 7E disappears, then it is a failure of the electronic module so the user can continue with dishwashing. If it reappears, then one can go ahead with troubleshooting.

Causes of problems and their solution

Clamped disperser

In this case, check whether there are protruding parts of the dishes. Some of such parts include a knife, ladle, frying pan, and a handle of a jag. Here, the user should redistribute the objects, turn the equipment on, and restart the washing mode. However, if it did not help, then the dispenser is poorly fixed on the wall, which calls for immediate inspection. To fix such a problem, the dispenser should be fixed firmly into the grove.

Broken sensor

The main signs of these conditions are the absence of a water curtain, proper operation of the bar motor, and the motor stands still. One of the solutions is testing the sensor and the loop line coming from it. The visible break circuit should be repaired by twisting or soldering the wires. If the wiring is okay, but the mechanism still does not start, then it is high time to install a new sensor.

Faulty electric motor

If the error continues to display after carrying out all the above processes, then the user is asked to check the engine. The following is the processes that should be followed

  1. Unplug the dishwasher
  2. Open the door
  3. Draw out the lower bar
  4. Remove the motor
  5. Connect the tester probes to it

If the multimeter hand fails to respond, then go-ahead to install a new engine.

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