Samsung Dishwasher Error Code 4c

Samsung Dishwasher Error Code 4C

Error code 4C is among the most common failures displayed on screens of most dishwashers. It comes in addition to corresponding indicators such as the cycle and remaining time indicators, rinse and refill, clean and dirty, etc.

4С Error Code: Description

This error code implies water supply related failure. To resolve it, check the water drainage elements but before starting this, check your home plumbing. The error usually appears if the water supply tap is switched off, water pressure is too high or too low, water pipes are faulty, or there is no centralized water supply.

In extreme conditions especially if the error is appearing for the first time, it could be due to short term malfunctions in the control board. Resolve this by restarting the device. This is done by disconnecting it from the mains for 10-15 minutes. If the error still appears after restarting, inspect the main elements.

4 C Error Code: Reasons

If your home plumbing is okay but the error still appears, then the error could be due to faulty water supply hose, closed water inlet valves, blockages in the mesh filter, or burned control board.

Faulty Water Supply Hose

Ensure that the supply hose is straight and has no kinks. If it not bent and water does not pass freely, then clean it of any debris and clogs.

Closed Water Inlet Valve

The inlet valves that are supposed to fill the dishwasher may be stuck. If this is the case, turn the valve clockwise and back to restore its functionality.

Blocked Mesh Filter

The mesh filter is located in the water supply hose and at a time, it may trap sand, foods, and other impurities. They block it thereby limiting water flow. To resolve the error, remove the mesh filter from the water supply hose and clean it thoroughly under running water.

Problems with a Tube between the Water Supply Hose and the Detergent Dispenser

The transparent tube may also be bent or damaged. It may also fall when moving the dishwasher. Therefore, check its position and place carefully for the normal flow of water.

Non-Compliance with the Rules of Connection

Samsung dishwashers have inlet valves for hot and cold water. Ensure that they are fitted at the right faucet as this could be the cause of the error.

Wiring Integrity Violation

The error could be a result of faulty wiring. Test the contacts with a multimeter and repair any damages, and if necessary replace the loop.

If the water inlet valve is damaged or the control board burned due to power surges, solder any repairable parts or replace them altogether.