Samsung Dishwasher 5e Error Code

Samsung Dishwasher 5E Error Code

The modern Samsung dishwashers are equipped with a self-diagnosing system that offers real-time monitoring and solutions. After detecting a failure, the system displays errors in the form of error codes, for instance, 5E, which implies drainage failure.

5Е Error Code: Description

Error code 5E (5C, SC, and SE) is displayed after the completion of the program and the system attempts to drain the dirty water but its unable. The error can be rectified by restarting the appliance. Before restarting, disconnect it from the mains and leave it for 10-15 minutes.

The error could also be caused by external factors such as faulty plumbing.

5E Error Code: Reasons

Error code 5E is caused by clogging, or malfunctions of internal components.

Blocked Drain Hose

It can be bent, clogged, pinched, or frozen (covered by ice). Fix it firmly and clean it regularly.

Clogged Filter

It could also be clogged with food waste and other garbage. Clean it from time to time.

Faulty Drain Pump

Food wastes, broken plates, and other scraps may get stuck in the impeller, therefore, limiting water flow from the appliance. To resolve this, unmount it and clean it. Also, check its rotation and ensure it’s fixed well for effective rotations.

Broken Drain Pump

In some scenarios, the error code 5E is due to drain pump breakage. To resolve this, ensure the drain assembly coil is conductive. The reading should be close to 25 Ohms, otherwise, the error will magnify. In other instances, the device may produce sounds due to the impeller sliding off the shaft. In this case, it has to be replaced.

Wire Connection Problem

The pump could also not be receiving signals due to damaged, broken, or disconnected wires. Depending on the problem at hand, either twists the broken wires, replace the loop cable or fix the damaged or broken wires.

Wrong Voltage

Inspect the pump relay. Ascertain the voltage between the yellow wires of CN201 and the white wire of the Main CN1 PBA connector or between the yellow wire CN201 and the white wire of CNBA1 PBA connector. The readings should not be less or above 120V otherwise, there will be water stagnation thereby causing the 5E error code. If the voltage is higher or lower, replace the Main PBA unit.

In addition, 5E error could be due to malfunctioning of the pressure switch, turbidity sensor, or damages in the control board. If the damages leading to malfunctioning is significant, the only solution will be replacing the faulty elements.