Samsung 4e Error Code Dishwasher

Samsung 4E Error Code Dishwasher

Error 4E: description

The error in this discussion is mainly displayed by the dishwasher whenever the system fails to detect the presence of water supply. Therefore, it is always wise to check whether the water in the dishwasher comes from external sources. An individual is asked to check the water supply to make sure everything is okay with the valve.

Possible causes

Decisive measures should be taken if the hoses are okay, the valves are open, the pipeline works appropriately, and the process of resetting failed to work. This calls for the examination of the entire system down the chips.

The filter is clogged

There is a fine mesh at the hose’s connection point, which protects the valves from debris. It should be cleaned twice a year so that one can do away with error code 4E. the following is a procedure to be followed

  • Unscrew the hose after switching the machine off
  • Pull the filters out using the pliers
  • Clean the holes
  • Set the mesh in its proper place

Improper connection of hot and cold-water hoses

It would be best if you do not confuse the hoses connected to the pipes with a given temperature. This will prevent the occurrence of error 4E, although it can be associated with another error code.

Wiring fault

Get rid of the top panel to make sure the winding valve is connected. By doing so, one should make sure the loop connection is reliable. After that, use the circuit analyzer to inspect the wiring harness connected to the control board. Repair or replace it depending on the extent of the damage. This is one of the proven ways of getting rid of error code 4E.

The next step is to inspect the wire that leads from the base of the door to the main module. This can be done by unscrewing the front panel as it may contain broken or rusted areas. Here one should use the circuit analyzer to restore the contacts.

Drain system failure

Samsung 4E error is displayed sometimes due to improper installation of the drain hose. The primary cause s of this problem can be witnessed when the indicated part is not connected with the detergent drawer.

The control board is damaged

The problem arises when the main module fails to supply voltage through the circuit to the inlet valve or malfunctions. To solve this, one should call the specialist for checking and replacing it if necessary.

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