Lg Dishwasher Error Code Oe

LG Dishwasher Error Code OE

In most cases, many homeowners have their LG dishwasher display the error code OE. When that happens, should you be worried? Well, if your appliance displays such an error, you should know that there is a draining issue, which results from food clogs and perhaps installation problems. The good news is that there is an easy way of resolving the error.

How to resolve the error code

Often, the system issues can lead to the error displaying on your appliance. To rule out the issue, you’ll need icon reset. Here is the right way to do it.

  • Have the device disconnected from the power source
  • Just wait for about 10-15 minutes
  • Test the appliance

In addition to that, you’ll be required to get rid of the filter clog. How do you go about that, you may ask? Well, here is the procedure;

  • Open the tub door
  • Remove the dish racks
  • The drain filter is easily seen at the panel
  • Have the bottom panel unscrewed
  • Wash and rinse all the parts

Moreover, consider checking if there is any foreign object behind the filter. To avoid this issue, you can ponder cleaning every part of your appliance regularly.

Checking the drain hose

Your appliance can’t drain appropriately if the sewer or the horse is clogged. To avoid this, confirm if the hose is kinked and adjust the matter to avoid clogging. Simple ways to ensure that the hose isn’t clogged are;

  • Use a thin wire brush to clean the used area
  • Regularly have the siphon wire disconnected and cleaned with water
  • You can utilize a special powder into the hose

Also, consider having the drain hose cleaned all the time. While doing so, be sure to use water under pressure. It is still critical to have a water drain hose installed properly. If the issue persists in your initial cycle, then consider looking at the installation.

The faulty drain pump

In the case of a faulty drain pump, you’ll require disassembling the appliance. Get rid of the racks, put the appliance out and place it on the back panel. When you’re done, follow the following steps;

  • Get rid of the screw
  • You can connect the float sensor
  • Gently have the mounting bolt unscrewed have the wiring disconnected
  • When the circulation unit becomes accessible, you’ll see a fastened pump
  • Have it unscrewed
  • Have the wires disconnected
  • Swivel the pump and confirm the clogs
  • Confirm the impeller of the pump

Faulty pressure switch

The faulty pressure switch is an issue that leads to appliance displaying the error code FE. The prime job for the sensor is managing the levels of water in the appliance. If that feature isn’t working, the chances are that the tub may be overloaded, or else the switch will send wiring data to the control board. Faulty sensor occurs due to;

  • Worn out sensor
  • Oxidized connectors
  • Poor quality unit

Forcing the drain

 The LG appliance possesses a drain or cancels option. It becomes activated ones the control button is pressed, i.e., DELICATE + DUAL CONTROL buttons, and Spray plus Half load buttons at the same time. In the case of individuals using a model without the cancel and drain buttons, they can consider following this solution;

  • Start the cycle
  • Allow the appliance to run for about 45 seconds
  • Turn the appliance off
  • Switch it on, and allow 45 seconds of drain