Lg Dishwasher Error Code Ne

LG DishWasher Error Code NE

Error code NE is a common error in LG dishwashers. The device functions normally but dishes are poorly washed.

Error NE: description

This is a failure of the diverter distributing water among the rockers of the impeller. It is controlled by an electric motor (Vario Motor), which drives the diverter switch (Micro Switch). Due to this, the subunit redirects water every 90 seconds to the nozzles of all spray levers by turns: from the upper to the middle, from the middle to the lower and vice versa.

The microswitch sends the signal to the mainboard informing of a change of the location of the valve. If the central module fails to receive the corresponding signal, the error code NE displayed. The violation affects the operation of the equipment: water flows unevenly into the rockers and the impeller does not wash the dishes well.

Causes of error NE

Sometimes it is caused by a temporary system failure. To solve this problem, unplug the device from the mains for 10-20 minutes. If rebooting does not resolve the issue, then error NE is due to failure in mechanical parts.

Broken wiring

Switch off the dishwasher and check the harness going to the engine and diverter microswitch. Insert the connectors firmly. Ensure there are no breaks that interfere with signal transmission and cause error code NE in LG dishwasher.

Vario Motor failed

If the wires are OK, unplug them and measure the resistance of the motor. It becomes worthless when a worn seal leaks water. Ideally, the multimeter should show about 4000 Ω – in this case, error NE will not appear. With infinite resistance, the electric motor must be replaced:

  • remove the drain and inlet hoses;
  • disconnect input wires;
  • pull out the dishwasher and turn it over;
  • remove the bottom panel;
  • find the part under the number 4681ED3001D (green, round shape);
  • install a new Vario Motor.

The diverter switch is broken

After checking the motor, measure the resistance of the Micro Switch (part number 3W40025C). When the piston is inserted, it must be infinite, with the extended one – 0 Ω. If in both cases the resistance is the same, then the micro switch does not determine the diverter position and causes error code NE. Replace the defective element.

The control module fails

Examine the mainboard. Perhaps you need to re-solder the parts that are responsible for the work of the diverter or repair damaged tracks. If the microcircuit cannot be repaired, you will have to buy a new one.

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