Lg Dishwasher Error Code Fe

LG Dishwasher Error Code FE

What if you find the FE error code displayed on your LG dishwasher? Should you become worried, or what does it insinuate? Basically, if such an error code occurs, it implies that your appliance has detected some filling issues. Thus, the pump is working properly.

What causes failure?

  • Leak protection system malfunction
  • Imperfect valve intake
  • Body leak, pipe/hose seal malfunction
  • Broken drain seal pump

Additionally, you might consider checking:

  1. If there is an installation issue
  2. If there is a small gap on the door

Moreover, other aspects need checking to determine the source of the FE error code. You’ll require getting rid of any software issues. What you’ll do is simply unplugging the appliance for 10-15 minutes. Turn the device on, and if the error persists, consider troubleshooting.

Leak protection system malfunction

A leak protection system is included in today’s LG dishwasher. Its prime use is keeping the user safe from water leak emergencies. Technically, the switch is activated in the case where the button panel comes into contact with water. After that, the electric module receives a signal from the switch to the void pump. That’s how water gets drained. To fix the issue, you’ll need to have the water drained from the panel. In the case where the issue is mechanical, a new hose needs to be installed. If it is about an electrical issue, here is what you need to do.

  • Place the appliance on the back panel after unplugging it;
  • Get rid of the bottom cover
  • Have the leak sensor fixed
  • Get rid of the screw and disconnect the wiring
  • Consider replacing and installing some parts

Imperfect valve intake

Malfunction of the valve can lead to the code displayed on the appliance. If there is a fault in the valve, the board receives a signal from the pressure switch concerning the water amount in the tub. If the details received are not correct, then leakage occurs and drains when the device is turned on. To fix the fault, be it electronic or mechanical part, here is what you’ll need to do:

  • Start by closing the stop valve
  • Pull out the plug if the pump continues to make noise
  • Have the intake hose disconnected
  • Detach the filter screen
  • Confirm if there is an electronic issue using the multimeter
  • Confirm if there is a clog on the valve

Damaged electronic board

In most cases, the issue of fill-and-drain occurs as a result of a faulty triac based on the board. Every module part is entitled to run various parts and units. For that reason, the pump continues to operate despite any of them being burned until the supply of power is closed. Causes of damaged electronic fault are;

  1. Power surge
  2. Moisture perforation

How to fix

  • Open the appliance door fully
  • Have the control panel removed and lift the door
  • Have the black wire disconnected
  • Have the bolt unscrewed on all sides
  • Check the panel module
  • Have the connectors and module bolts removed
  • Confirm if the error is fixed

Broken drain seal pump

Having a broken drain seal pump isn’t a primary reason for the occurrence of error code FE. However, if no other sign, then it might probably be the reason.

How to fix the issue

Replacing is the sole way of fixing the broken drain seal pump. Here is what you need to do:

  • Gently hold the bottom of the appliance
  • Disconnect the wiring
  • Have the clamp loosen
  • Have the drain hose and the pipe disconnected
  • Get rid of the mounting screw
  • Consider replacing some worn out parts and install new ones