Lg Dishwasher Error Code Cl

LG Dishwasher Error Code CL

What does Error code CL mean in the LG dishwater? Technically, many dishwasher users don’t understand what this error code entails. To be precise, the CL code in a dishwasher can’t be referred to as an error. With that in mind, don’t always fret when you come across this type of error on your LG dishwasher appliance. Usually, the CL is an abbreviation of child lock function; therefore, it is a feature technically controlled by someone to make sure that the children at home are secure when around the appliance. This code is also tailored to be prevalent on the appliance.

Essentially, this error code will occur on the display when any bottom is pressed. The reason for coming up with this error code is that in every home, there are little kids who love touching items on any appliance they come across. They’re always curious to know what will happen if they open a door or press the button on any gadget. With that in mind, the LG dishwasher manufacturers added a protection door feature as well as the button protection feature to have the appliance protected against unnecessary pressing of buttons and/or opening the doors.

Usually, the protection mode locks the systems buttons fully so that in case the child presses any button; an error code CL will be displayed. This makes it hard for the kid to change the appliance settings. When blocking the kid to changing the system, your appliance will behave in distinct ways. The modern LG dishwasher types have their door locked during the washing process. This means neither you nor the kid can open it. The good thing with traditional models is that it is possible to avoid unnecessary accidents. How is that possible? Basically, in the case of traditional models, it is possible to switch it off instantly, hence shutting down the device operation.

How is the CL activated to secure the button?

To have the child lock button activated, you’ll need to long-press the next buttons for up to 3 seconds. After the activation, consider rinsing and spraying. In addition to that, you’ll note the error code CL is appearing on the appliance’s screen. After you are done washing, consider turning off the locking buttons. To deactivate the CL button, you’ll simply perform a similar action.

Note that some LG dishwasher models, the CL activation requires you to long-press the dual-zone button while holding it.

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