Lg Dishwasher Error Code Ae

LG Dishwasher Error Code AE

An AE error implies that the LG dishwasher has a leaking problem. Leaking occurs due to excessive foaming in the dishwasher. Excessive foaming could be as a result of using excessive detergent or perhaps using the wrong detergent.

Other than issues to do with detergent, an AE error could occur due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • If any connections that are leaking
  • If the drain hose is cracked
  • If the drain motor could be leaking
  • If there are damages in the bottom panel
  • If the tub is breached

When the AE error code appears, there are several things you could do to try to solve the issue. They include

  • Checking the connections,
  • Checking for the broken hose,
  • Checking for the worn-out door and pump seals,
  • Checking the spray arm, and finally
  • Checking the bottom panel for damages

The connections

Clogs in the drain system cause water leakage at the dishwasher’s bottom panel.

Check connections beginning with the sewer and the drain hose. Check to see that there’s a free flow of water down the drain. Be sure also to check if the connections are tight.

Clean the drain filter. You could use a brush to clean the filter, then rinse it, and afterward return it to its position.

Inspect the inlet valve. If any rust, replace the affected part. The openings and the mechanical part should also be checked for clogs.

Check pipes by disconnecting the dishwasher from the communications right at the bottom of the dishwasher.

Check for the presence of clogs in the sensor for water level. Check the contacts using a multimeter. Install a new part if the fault is generic.

The hose

Damaged hose causes leaks at the dishwasher’s bottom. If there’s a crack or a weakness at the hose, replace it. Other than breakage, check for clogging in the hose as clogs cause rusting and damage to the seals.

The door and pump seals

Poorly closed, bent, or damaged door latch can cause leaking at the bottom of the dishwasher. Shrunk, broken, or cracked seals cause leaking at the door. Solve the problem by replacing the pump seal as well as the bottom door seal.

The spray arm

The dishwasher if the jet at the spray arm is facing the wrong direction. It is the clogging at the spray arm’s hole that causes the jet to change direction. When this happens, use a screwdriver to pull it out, and then install a new one.

The bottom panel

At the bottom panel, there’s a float switch that acts as a leak protection system. If any water gets on the float switch, it triggers the sensor, which then shows the AE error code.

Overall, given the unpleasant nature of the AE error code, the above tips should help you identify exactly where the leaking problem is and solve it promptly by yourself or with the help of specialists.