Lg Dish Washer Error Code He

LG Dish Washer Error Code HE

Error code HE is usually displayed towards the end of the washing cycle, at the drying mode. The dishes remain cold and wet, or they become too hot.

Error HE: description

Error code HE is associated with the heater circuit, which, in addition to it, includes a thermistor and a control relay. The error occurs if the device cannot heat water for a certain period, or if the sensor detects a temperature rise above 90°C.

Before inspecting the device for errors, first, adjust the temperature of the water supply. It should be less than 70°C. but higher than 50°C, otherwise the device will not have time to raise it to the desired level and will display error code HE.

If there are no problems with the water supply, reboot the device. To do so:

  • Press POWER;
  • Switch it to OFF, wait for 10-15 seconds and return it to the ON position;
  • Press the POWER button again;
  • Start a cycle and check if error HE appears.


If rebooting does not resolve the error, then examine the heater and other connections leading to it. Only system failure can be reset by rebooting.

Loose or damaged wiring

If water is not hot enough, switch off the device and inspect the connections on the pressure switch, heating element, and the control board.

To access the entire electrical circuit, remove the door panel. When heated, they may get stuck and due to this wires break when the door is opened/closed. It can cause not only error code HE but also other symbol combinations.

Faulty heating element

If the device does not excess water before drying, the error code HE will appear. This will be the case if the filters are clogged, clogged sewage, a pinched drain hose, a broken pump, etc.

To reset, unplug the wiring from the heater and using a multimeter, test its resistance. It should be about 12 Ω. Infinite resistance suggests that it’s time to change the heating element.

Inoperative thermistor

The resistance of the temperature sensor should be at the range of 11.320 Ω. Any deviation from the norm by more than 10% is considered a sign of malfunction and in this case, it has to be replaced.

Defective press start

The press start regulates the amount of water flowing to the heater. If the flow is inadequate, it switches off the supply. Before replacing the part, check if everything is in order with the temperature sensor and the pressure switch.

Burnt-out relay on the control board

Check the control board and if any of its components have blackened due to power surge, replace it.