Frigidaire Dishwasher Error Code I30

Frigidaire Dishwasher Error Code I30

Error i30: description

Fluid drains into the bottom of the pan whenever the tank is full. Afterward, the switch actuates, and then the dishwasher interrupts the cycle and displays error code i30. The error here can be solved by unplugging the machine for approximately 30 minutes to reboot it. Carry out the following processes if nothing changed after restarting the dishwasher.

  • Slide the device out from under the tabletop;
  • Drain water from the pan by tilting the housing forward by 45 degrees;
  • Put the appliance upright and emplace it;
  • Wait for two days for a pan to dry completely;
  • See whether the i30 error has disappeared by doing a test run.

Note that this solution helps but the effect is short-lived

Causes of error i30

There may be several reasons for concern. Therefore, an individual can find a source of malfunction by examining the entire dishwasher. By doing so, it will be easy to understand the cause of the error and come up with appropriate measures.


The first step is to check the pan. Skip it if the pan is empty and come over the next one and

  • locate the leak if it is wet.
  • Unscrew the top cover
  • Remove the slide wall
  • Start any program
  • Check where the water is dripping from

The place through which the fluid sink can be covered with an airtight, although such repair is short-lived. So, one needs to replace the undesirable elements to do away with error code i30 completely.

Dirty leak sensor

Leak sensor is a plastic foam float at the bottom of the housing. Its work is to activate the switch whenever the pan is full. The moving part may stick to the walls most of the time, which makes the device sense react the way it would have whenever there is an overflow. The problem occurring here can be solved by cleaning the leak sensor.

Problems with the drain pump

Malfunction pump may act as the main cause of overfilling. Typically, error i30 appears whenever the impeller is blocked or damaged. Here, the user is advised to disconnect the pump and remove everything which might have been stuck between the blades. The broken impeller should be replaced. Use the multimeter to check the subunit if there is no visible sign of damage. If the indicator fails to match, an individual should go ahead to buy a new drain pump.