How To Disassemble A Bosch Washer


To disassemble a Bosch washer, you must follow a clear path; otherwise, you may end up destroying the device. Before starting the process, ensure you have enough space and disconnect it from the source of water and the mains. To disassemble, first remove the top, back and front covers, remove the detergent tray. Afterwards, remove the control panel, the motor, intake valve and the pressure sensor in that order. Then disconnect the wires and other connectors, and after this, you can now unplug the hoses and pipes. Finally, unscrew weight and supports, pull out the cuff and then remove the hatch locking machine. Once through with these, you can now pull out and disassemble the drum.

How to remove the top cover of the Bosch washing machine?

To remove the top cover, first take out the two screws fixed from the back of the washer using a hex, or cross-head screwdriver. After removing them, you can then slide it forward and lift it. However, be careful when handling it because of has sharp edges.

How to disconnect the control panel?

Well in a forward move, pull out the powder dispenser and then press the latch in the centre and pull it out of the case. Next, take out the screws and the bolts behind the tray and the panel respectively and then remove the wire connectors. In addition to the control panel, at this stage, you can also remove the bottom cover by releasing the clips.

How to dismantle the front panel of the Bosch washing machine?

Firstly, open and disconnect the hatch door from its hinges as well as other fastening screws. Then, pry off the hatch cuff and pull its clamp using a screwdriver and pull it off. Ensure to seal the rubber inside the drum.

Later, disconnect bolts and wires and set aside the lock. Then unscrew bolts around the front panel and take it apart carefully.

Afterwards, you can apply the same approach to remove the other parts. However, ensure you take notice of connector wires, bolts and screws and disconnect them all before pulling out the attached component. To remove connector parts, ensure to detach them for source and take them out before the central system. For instance, to remove the cuvette in the dosing tray, remove pipes leading to it first.

How to pull out the engine

To take out the engine, pull out the drive belt and disconnect the wires in proceeding to the motor and screws holding it to the motor. Then pull it side by side to remove it.

Afterwards, remove the drain pump by disconnecting it’s from the drainpipe clamp and other wires and bolts. Finally, detach any cable, bolt and part holding the tank and take it out carefully.

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