Your Bosch Washer Rattles And Jumps While Spinning


Many people associate rattling in washers to old age or improper serving and repairs. However, even modern devices that are yet to undergo more than one washing cycle rattles while spinning. This may be caused by one or two separate instances, as covered in this article.

Why is body jumping?

In some instances, even a new or recently serviced washer machine may move 20 to 50 centimeters left or right during a single spinning process. Failure to a standstill should be a worrying pattern as it can lead to internal damages or cause the filling, and the drain hoses to come off, and therefore, the user must search for answers.
Firstly, the jumping can be attributed to the surface on which the washer stands. It may be because the device was improperly mounted, or the surface is unlevelled, therefore resulting in the right and left movements. To solve this, ensure you place the washer on a flat surface and place it horizontally. This increases stability and balance, thereby reducing movements when spinning.

Why does the Bosch wash machine rattle?

If the device generates a lot of unnecessary noise, the case is different from jumping. Rattling may be due to the following reasons;
Firstly, the transporting nuts that held the tank in a static location when it was being transported were not removed. This happens when the appliance is mounted by inexperienced people who forget to remove these nuts. If left in the drum, the nuts will cause the rattle, and only removing them will resolve the issue.
Any metallic objects in the washing drum, for instance, a coin or a key may cause the noise. The purpose must be somehow large to cause any significant effect. In the case of a metallic object, the noise occurs if such object jams between the plastic and metal wall. To solve this, you may have to take out the heating aspect and collect any metallic and foreign objects.
Also, if the bearings are torn, or dampers are defective, they may cause the noise. This is usually the case in old Bosch washers, and to sort the issue, you may have to call an expert to change the bearings or the dampers. For a long-lasting solution, acquire new parts and get them fixed expertly.

Lastly, the noise may be due to an imbalance on the top or sideways as a result of vibration. If this is the case, remove the top cover and the back panel and tighten any loose bolt.

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