Bosch Washer Error Code E18


Bosch washing machines offer a great washing experience to homeowners. This is due to their versatility in performing various washing programs and efficiency in water and power consumption. Their application, however, is limited by the appearance of error codes on the display screen which may paralyze the entire washing machine. Error code 18 is one such notorious error codes. When it pops up on display, it alerts you that there is no drainage of the used water. Depending on the type of Bosch washer you have, the error code 18 may also appear as F18 or d02. The machine will remain non-functional until the error clears. To clear the error, you need first to analyze its underlying causes.

Causes of the error code E-18

Typically, the error code appears when the machine detects blockage. The blockage could result from:

  • Clogged drain hoses
  • Kinked drain hoses
  • Defective drain pump
  • Blocked filters
  • Defective water level sensor
  • Failure of the coordinating system (control module)

Clearing the error code

Before inspecting critical components such as the control module, you need to clean the drain system of the washer to remove the clogs and blockages.

How to clean the drain pump

First, switch off the washer and unplug it from the power source, then unscrew the service flap to remove it. Draw all water from the tank using a drainage hose. Clean any threads from the impeller to ensure it can rotate freely while not forgetting the housing of the pump. Inspect the pump also for any defects such as holes to seal if any. After ensuring the pump is in good condition, refit it and screw back the service flap.

How To Clean The Drain Pump
How To Clean The Drain Pump

Opening the service flap to access the drain pump

If the error code 18 persists even after cleaning and repairing the pump and the impeller, you need to inspect and clean the drainage hose.

Fixing the drain hose

Start by checking whether the drain hose is well installed. A defective drain hose will feature loose attachment, rust and kinks. Remove the drain hose and remove the clogs and the kinks. Clean also its siphon attachment and the filters. Screw the hose back. Reconnect power to the washer and run a washing cycle to see the error code has cleared.

Fixing The Drain Hose
Fixing The Drain Hose

Cleaning the Bosch Washer Filter

If the error persists, it implies there is a problem in the control unit. The problem could be resulting from the burnout of particular elements of the control unit, which facilitate the initiation of the drainage system. You need to disassemble the washer and inspect any loose wire harness. Test the control unit using a multimeter and repair any defects.


Eliminating the error code 18 is that simple.

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