Bosch Washer Error Code E17

Bosch Washer Error Code E17

Sometimes, your Bosch washing appliance may refuse to undertake any cleaning cycle but all it shows is error code E17.

Explanation and reasons for the e17 error code in the Bosch washing machine

E17 error code implies that there is no water flow in the drum and therefore the washing process cannot begin. In most cases means depending on the manufacturer, E17 is identical to F17 code and just a single decoding isn’t enough. The error is mainly due to malfunctions in the pressure sensor, breakout of the filling valve, problem in the control unit, or wiring breakout in the filling valve, pressure switch or the control unit.

To restore the device functionality, check each of the above components to ensure its clean and operational. Though the filling valve are the major causes of the E17 error, always check whether the water source is on because without water supply the device won’t run the washing cycles.

Filling valve or pressure switch

After ascertaining that there is water in the tap, you can inspect each the various parts of the washer. As a safety measure, shot off the water taps, unplug the device from the mains and unscrew the water inlet hose. If there are any particles or blockage in the filling valve, clean it with plenty of running water. To check the valve, remove the upper cover of the washer, using a multimeter, ascertain the resistance of the valve coil and then check the wire and valve wire contact simultaneously. If this part has broken down, a replacing it with a new one will be the only option and to connect the new piece, ensure you have disconnected all the tubes and wires fastened with the clamps. Also, when acquiring the new valve ensure you buy it together with a set of clamps to connect the nozzles.

If the error is not due to failure in the filling valves, the next move should be to check the pressure sensor. In this region, check its wiring and connected tubes and if it’s not fit for purpose, consider replacing it.

Module repair

Finally, in extreme instances, the control module can be considered. The Bosch Nexxt 500 series washer is somehow easy to fix compared to the Electrolux ones and therefore in case of this or any other error, first understand the causes of the fault and take action by following the provided guidelines. Only attempt the simple repairs and for any demanding part, consult an expert.

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