Bosch Washer Error Code E29

BOSCH Vision 300 Series Washer Error Codes

BOSCH Vision 300 Series Washer Error Codes

Bosch vision 300 series is a highly versatile machine. It is capable of handling large volumes of laundry due to its high power capabilities. It has high power and water consumption efficiency and offers peak cleaning services. The machine, however, has some system flaws which some times makes the application of the machine impossible, or limit its effectiveness in executing its selected programs. Some of the machines system flaws are the error codes, which we have explained below.

Bosch vision 300 series washer error codes

The various error codes in Bosch vision 300 series

Failure of the starter

This error can happen if the machine is not plugged in power or the power code is damaged. It may come as a result of a faulty fuse, lack of program selection, or even an open door. To solve the issue, ensure that you plug the machine to power and switch the power button. Additionally, make sure you have selected the right program and made the necessary adjustments to close the door.

The poor laundry drying

The machine would perform the laundry drying poorly if you dried while having the shut-off valve closed. Solve the issue by opening the subject.

CLn error

This error happens if the selected cycle stops due to a dryness problem in the lint filter. Have the lint filter cleaned and reset the machine to clear the error.

Error code E: 3

This error signals of a prolonged drying time caused by blockage of the exhaust hair duct, dryness of the lint filter, and extreme wetness of the laundry. The extended drying time may also result from a lack of program selection, defective bulbs, or lack of power access. To clear the error, clean and reset the sensor, clear the exhaust air duct, set the machine at the highest spinning speed for drying, select the right program, ensure that the machine is plugged to power, and started and replace the faulty bulbs. For effectiveness in clearing the error, ensure that you reset the machine after every improvement.

Unusual loud noise

This loud noise is just a signal from the rollers that they have not yet warmed up. You should therefore allow for a 2 to 3 minutes warm-up session for the rollers, and the noise will subside. No further action needed besides the provision for warm-up.

“-“error code

The pop-up of the above error sign on the screen signals the detection of a laundry material in the drum while the wool program is in operation. You need to stop the machine, then place the laundry on the drying rack and then reset the washing machine.

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