Bosch Washer Error Code E29

BOSCH Varioperfect Washer Error Codes


Bosch varioperfect washer is one of the most popular Bosch products. It is highly reliable, but it can sometimes show some error codes when some parts are faulty. Check them out:

 Key symbol

A Key symbol means that you have activated the child lock. You can remove it by deactivating the child lock.

 Tap Symbol

A tap symbol shows that the water pressure is too low, or that the hose is clogged. To solve the problem, increase the pressure of the water and inspect the water supply for any issues.

E16 error

This error shows that the door is not closed well. To solve it, open the door of your washer slowly and then try closing it again. Also, try to switch the program on and off to see if the error will disappear. Remove any pieces of laundry that could be caught in between the door.

E17 error

This error signifies a problem in the hose supply water. To solve it, turn the cold water tap on to release any trapped or kinked supply hose.


It appears when some water is leaking, or when there is water in the wash base. To remove the error code, turn of the cold water supply immediately, confirm the source of the leakage and wipe all the wet areas with a soft cloth.

E29 error

E29 error shows that the water pressure is too low. It could also imply that the filters are clogged, hence the low water supply from the tank. You can quickly solve this problem by cleaning the filters, and by increasing the pressure of the water from the washer tank.


E23 error

It means that their water is leaking, and some of the water is trapped on the base. When you suspect that the water is leaking, switch off the machine, and then find out the cause of the leaks. Also, attach the drainage hose well to prevent future problems.

E33 error code

It occurs when the washer detects too much detergent. You can easily remove the error by reducing the amount of detergent you have used.

In addition to the above, you might notice residual water or odor formation once you are done with the washing. This is not a severe problem, and you can quickly get rid of it by cleaning the unit well. Also, ensure that you use the right detergent, run the right programs, and balance the spin well. Seek the help of an expert immediately when the problems become bothersome.

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