Bosch Nexxt 500 Plus Series Washer Error Codes

Bosch Nexxt 500 Plus Series Washer Error Codes

The Bosch 500 plus washer operates efficiently. It might, however, show some functional problems, mainly when you do not maintain it well. Most of the issues are easy to handle, and you can, therefore, repair them without seeking the help of a professional.

Here are some of the common faults, their possible causes, and the possible actions to take.

Locked door

There are many reasons as to why the door of your washer might fail to open. The most obvious reason is a power failure, considering that the machine depends on power. Another reason might be that there is a running program, and hence, the door has remained closed for safety concerns.


Confirm the power supply connection and wait until the running programs end. Seek the help of an expert if the problem persists.

Failed controlling lights

There are two main reasons as to why your controlling g lights might fail to light up. The fuse might be blown, or there could be an electrical failure.


Check your power connection and reset the circuit breaker if the fuse is faulty.

A program fails to start

A program may fail to start if you have not pressed to the start button. Another reason could be that the door is not well locked.


Ensure that the laundry door is well locked, and then press on the start button.

Poor washing results

There are two main reasons as to why your washing machine may not clean your clothes to your satisfaction. The first reason is the amount of detergent, and the second cause is a poor program.


Use the right amount of detergent and select the best program for your type of clothes. Also, call a professional to inspect the laundry area.

Soap residue

Your detergent might leave a residue if it was too dry. Another reason could be that you used an insoluble detergent.


Wash the residue with clean water and use the recommended soaps.

Lack of water in the washing machine

Probably, you have turned your water tap on. The water pressure might be low, or the water supply system might be faulty.


Turn the tap on and press the start button. Inspect if they are any leaks and clean the water system to remove any clogs.

Water leaks

Water that overflows the tram signifies a problem with the water supply system. The thread supply could also be loose.


Close the thread well, and confirm if the water supply system is okay.

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