Bosch Nexxt 300 Series Washer Error Codes

Bosch Nexxt 300 Series Washer Error Codes

Bosch Nexxt 300 series is a highly versatile machine offering wide area for laundry, various washing programs, adjustable speed, and high efficiency in energy and water consumption. The enjoyment of such benefits, however, is limited by pop up of error codes on the display screen, which render the machine non-operational in most cases. The errors come in different forms depending on the cause. Here are some of the error codes you are likely to find while utilizing this washing machine.

Different types of error codes

Fixed door

This error may be caused by a lack of access to power, lack of spin selection, child-lock setting, or happen when you have selected no washing program. To resolve the issue, ensure that there are no loose power connections to resolve the power issue, choose the spin or the drain, and wait for the set program to be executed.

Failure of the control lights

This fault happens if the fuse is faulty. It may also occur due to power failure. You need to replace the control lights if they can’t operate with access to power. The lights will, however, resume their operation if the power issue is solved and the laundry taken out of the washer.

Error code 01

This error code denotes that the door is not locked. It may be caused by misalignment of the frame, broken hinges, overloading of laundry, and failure on the part of the central control unit. To fix the clear the error, inspect and replace the worn-out components of the door if they are beyond repair. Also, seek the help of the manufacturer for inspection of the control unit, which engages the locking process of the door.

The tank does not spin

This fault results when there is an imbalance in the washer, where the laundry is not distributed evenly. Such imbalance suppresses the spinning capability making the machine non-operational. To solve the issue, ensure that the load is evenly distributed and that you don’t load the tank with few laundry items.

Extended program cycle

The suds detection integration may trigger an extended program such as rinsing duration after sensing excess foam formation. So the rinsing may be extended to get rid of the foam. You need to use fewer detergents to avoid the issue.

An extended spinning may imply that the machine has detected an imbalance in the washer and is trying to revert to the normal position. Ensure even distribution of the load to avoid imbalance.

Detergent remains on the dry washed clothes

The residue may result from the insoluble detergent compounds which look like white spots when the clothes are dry. This is not, however, a primary concern as you can wipe the remains using a dry brush.

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