Careers - Mr. Find Fix

Join Us To Grow The Consumer Conscious Comunity

Find the right job to help grow the community of responsible repairs.

Mr. Find Fix is a wonderful way to give back to the community of homeowners, tenants, and anyone else who wants to repair their own goods without paying for new items and filling up landfills.

Help People and The Planet

At Mr. Find Fix, we make working with us a goal for humanity, making it easy to repair things yourself, saving money and the environment.



Offering competitive salaries for all positions to give back to the people who help the most.

Personal and Professional Development

All positions that we have allow for development both professionally and personally and Mr. Find Fix will help you.

A Great Place To Work

We are a close-knit community where we are very welcoming to people who are of the same mindset as ours.


Content Writing

Create blog posts with detailed instructions on how to fix as many issues as possible.


Develop and enhance top-quality designs for the Mr. Find Fix global community.


Help Mr. Find Fix reach more people around the globe and help them to help themselves.


Design, build and maintain new technical infrastructures to help the growth of Mr. Find Fix

Contact Us To Find Out More

Please use our contact page to see which positions are available. Please tell us as much about yourself as possible, such as salary requirements, abilities, and qualifications. We will not be able to respond to everyone. Thank you for your interest.