how to fix blurred vr images on compatible vr headsets

How to Fix Blurred VR Images On Compatible VR Headsets

Fuzzy and blurry images are a headache for everyone. If you seek an effortless way to fix these blurred images on your VR headsets, you will find this article helpful and informative. Let’s get to it!

Reasons For Blurry Images:

There are two initial and most important reasons for blurred images: either you are not wearing the headset accurately. The lens’s focal distance does not match your eye’s distance, or you have bought a gear of inferior quality. If the VR lens lacks quality, it will give you a vague and blurry image because they lack the sweet spot in the lens and the eye box. The higher the quality of the lens, the higher the clarity. High-quality VR headsets are also adjustable as their lens adjusts with an eye, so you don’t have to worry about adjusting your eyes with the lens for a clearer image.

The blur of the VR screen usually is either any physical issue that can easily be fixed or a problem with an immensely intricate lens. We have scrutinized why the blur in VR and the following are the suggestions for improving your muzzy images deftly.

Easy Methods To Fix Your VR Blurry Images:

1) Wipe and Swab Twice A Day

While using a VR, you need to be extra cautious because even a slight residue can spoil the image’s quality. If you have accidentally touched the sweet spot or your hair tumbled on the lens, it will massively alter the standard of image. A wet cloth will also not clean the lens as it will leave blemishes on the lens, so you need a microfibre cloth to wipe your lens twice a day. Please turn on your VR 20 minutes earlier to save it from the sweat marks as the heat from VR will remove the lens’s murkiness.

2) Alter the PSVR Scope

Sometimes, we see a clearer center image while the distant vision remains fizzy, and to fix that, we need to alter some settings to get a clearer picture.

Alter the PSVR scope settings by following the method below:

  1. Proceed to your PS4 home screen, select Settings, and move to devices.
  2. Choose play station VR and make sure to see how to put on the VR set.
  3. Now you can alter the headset scope until you see the image.
  4. Move the scope in different directions and make sure that the vision is not mushy.

3) Fix The Distance From Your Eyes

If someone else has used your VR headset, they might customize the eye distance according to them, and you might find it blurry, so you need to adjust the lens with the distance of your eye. Following are the steps from which you can adjust your VR eye distance settings:

  1. Proceed to your PS4 home screen, select Settings, and go-to devices.
  2. You need to choose the Play Station VR eye distance.
  3. You can customize your setting otherwise the option of default distance is also present (63mm or 2.5 inches)
  4. You will see instructions appear on your screen, follow them, and measure your eye to eye distance now select “next”.
  5. These settings are supposed to be saved in your profile.

4) Wear The Headset Correctly

VR headsets are designed for all types of face shapes. Hence, if you encounter any problem in the clarity of the image, you need to wear it accurately and adjust the headband from gear but do all this very intently. Even the slightest manhandling can result in unclear vision. Ensure that the headband covers the head from the back while the lower edge of the headset is on your cheekbones if you wear spectacles, it’s a bit intricate for you. You can adjust the closer or far away vision by using the rotator wheel. In case of an unclear image, fix your VR headset without touching the lens to keep it safe.

5)  Customize The Camera Of Your PlayStation:

Your environment also affects the clarity of an image, so if you see gloomy photos, you need to lighten your surroundings. If you have a problem with the picture, customize the Play Station camera according to your needs. Most customers face lagging while playing games when they try to fix the blur in their image. Lagging can be infuriating at times, so you need to know the reasons behind it.

Reasons for Lagging

Your headsets contain ample motion sensors that coordinate with your environment to give you an illusion of reality. Still, if these sensors are losing their permanence, you will witness motion lag. A broken or damaged USB is also a reason for motion lagging. Also, you need to lower or disable your TAA (Temporal anti-aliasing) if it is set too high because it also causes the motion lagging.

Frequently asked Questions

You must be having some questions after reading the text above, so the following are the answers to your frequently asked questions:

1) How can I have a clearer vision of VR headset?

Ans: First of all, make sure you don’t touch or scratch the lens, remove the factory lens protector, adjust your image according to your vision and if you have poor eyesight, wear your glasses.

2) Why are all VRs blurry?

Ans: Because our eye is only capable of seeing things clearly at a certain distance but in this case, we are focusing on two separate lenses that too, really close to our eyes that is why the blurriness is sensed.

3) How to fix the tracking issues?

A: If you have enabled USB power saving, you need to disable it and restart your software. It is the easiest way to fix the issues of tracking.


People who use VR headsets always have muzzy images, and there are very particular details or adjustments that can result in a clearer picture. Make sure to take care of the lens and adjust the lens settings with your eye, and you are not likely to witness any problem with vision.

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