The List Of Admin Commands In Roblox

The List Of Admin Commands In Roblox

Roblox is a website for developing and playing your 3D games online with friends. There are about 200 million registered users on the website, and it has been available since 2007. If you are fresh to Roblox, then the admin commands are the most important things to remember. In the games you create on your own, you can use code commands to execute all sorts of activities. In the chatbox, enter a code and watch what happens.

The Admin Commands

Admin commands can be developed, but the method is complicated, particularly if you know nothing about writing code. The first Roblox user to construct admin commands is known as “Person299.” In 2008, he built a command script, and it still is the most popular Roblox script. The original commands he made are, however, no longer functional.

Roblox Admin Commands
Roblox Admin Commands

The List Of Current Roblox Admin Commands

You can access admin commands by typing: “cmd” into your chatbox. 

Fire – Starts a fire

Unfire – Stops the fire

Jump – Makes your character jump

Kill – Kills the player

Loopkill – Kills the player over and over again.

Ff – Creates a force field around the player.

Unff – Erases the force field.

Sparkles – Makes your player sparkly.

Unsparkles – Nullifies the sparkles command.

Smoke – Creates smoke around the player.

Unsmoke – Turns the smoke off.

Bighead – Makes the player’s head bigger.

Minihead – Makes the player’s head smaller.

Normalhead – Returns the head to the original size.

Sit – Makes the player sit.

Trip – Makes the player trip.

Admin – Allows players to use the command script.

Unadmin – Players lose the ability to use the command script

Visible – The player becomes visible

Invisible – The player disappears

God Mode – The player becomes impossible to kill and becomes deadly to everything else in the game

UnGod Mode – The player returns to normal

Kick – Kicks a player from the game.

Fix – Fixes a broken script.

Jail – Puts the player into jail.

Unjail – Cancels the effects of Jail.

Respawn – Brings a player back to life.

Givetools – The player receives Roblox Starter Pack tools

Removetools – Removes the player’s tools.

Zombify – Turns a player into an infectious zombie.

Freeze – Freezes the player in place.

Explode – Makes the player explode.

Merge – allows one player to control another player.

Control – Gives you control over another player.

The official admin commands are available on the official Roblox site. You may be required to download the packages before being able to use them in the chat. By far, the most common bundle is called Kohl’s Admin Unlimited. It is the heir to the former Kohl’s bundles that are no longer available. People can use more than 200 commands, like custom commands and all kinds, bans, plus you get a custom chat and a line of commands. The website includes other command packs, though, so you can order and install more than one and play with the games you create.

Could The Commands Get Hacked?

Some administrators are worried about another player being able to hack their commands and take over the game, but you shouldn’t really be worried about that because it’s nearly impossible. The only chance any of the commands can be accessed by another player is if the initial admin provides them with access to a set of commands.

Are The Admin Commands Safe?

Roblox has millions of 3D games from around the globe made by players. Many of the makers came up with commands of their own, but not all were verified. If you are fresh to Roblox, you can stick to the commands we have given above. It would be best if you even played with new ones until you find out how it works. You would be able to try writing your orders later.


All of the admin commands in our collection are secure, and they perform for almost all of the Roblox games, even though other players generated them. First of all, you can begin with those commands and see where the path takes you. Other admin commands, such as the Kohl Admin Unlimited set, will further extend the possibilities.

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