disney plus error codes and how to fix them

Disney Plus Error Codes And How To Fix Them

Disney Plus is an over-the-top, high-demand, ad-free streaming service produced by The Walt Disney Company. Disney Plus has made it significantly easier for its subscribers to watch thousands of Disney services and movies on any of their devices: smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, laptops, and gaming consoles. Additionally, this excellent streaming service has unlimited downloads so that you can watch at any time at any place.

Disney Plus content sources from Walt Disney Studios and Walt Disney Television’s most prominent names: Disney, Marvel, Pixar, National Geographic, Star Wars, and 20th Century Fox. Notably, Disney Plus consists of various features that enable the service to be more convenient for its esteemed subscribers. This great platform can support up to seven people per subscription and permits simultaneous streaming on at least four different devices. Unlimited downloads are offered through the great Disney Plus app on up to ten different tablets and smartphones.

Onto the video formats, Disney Plus exceptionally supports up to 4K resolution on selected shows and movies. Compared to other prominent streaming services like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, Disney Plus is more oriented and narrower in scope by entirely going around Disney content. Fortunately, it does not seem limited because Walt Disney Television and Walt Disney Studios cover numerous genres.

Out of all primary streaming services, Disney Plus is among the most generous in the particular areas of downloads, multiple-device streaming, and profile additions. Disney Plus also provides 4K HDR streaming and Dolby Atmos audio on selected titles for no extra cost. This feature contrasts with Netflix since it needs its subscribers to pay for its most expensive package to get the 4K support. Disney Plus should be a top priority, especially for families, since you can enjoy movies and shows with at least six friends thanks to the Group Watch feature; however, every person must have their subscription.

What Are Disney Plus Error Codes?

While Disney Plus successfully launched and created many buzz and numerous eager fans were downloading the app to watch their favorite shows and movies, it is unfortunate that not everyone has been having a great time, simply because of error codes. Boasting as the newest and best streaming service in the market currently, Disney Plus is genuinely going to experience a few technical issues.

Disney Plus error codes sometimes cut short the exciting magic of Disney’s streaming. While that may be frustrating and heart-breaking for fans who have been entirely patient for months to binge their favorite movies and shows, luckily, most issues only need a good quick fix to get back to work. Below, this guide will comprehensively outline the standard Disney Plus error codes and how to fix them effectively.

Disney plus error code 4

This error code represents a transaction problem since your payment details are not functioning. When you spot this error code, it means you will have to complete the payment for the Disney Plus service. Sign out and then back in to test whether the error code will disappear. If the error code persists, you will need to examine your billing details. Also, verify if your card is valid or accepted in the country that you are in.

Disney plus error code 9

This error code signifies a payment or login problem. On some occasions, this issue comes up when you have been logged out by mistake.

Disney plus error code 13

This error code indicates that the device limit has been reached. Essentially, Disney Plus is specific about the number of devices that the users can use to watch Disney Plus content simultaneously. Disney Plus permits up to four devices logged in at the same time. Additionally, it also enables you to create seven user profiles. If you are more of an advanced Disney Plus user and you have numerous streaming devices set up in your home, you may have to sign out some devices before you can continue streaming, even when the error code 13 persists.

Disney plus error code 22

This error code signifies restricted content. Indeed, some content is inappropriate for children on Disney Plus. Verify whether you have the Kid’s Mode turned on. If it is on, it is the reason why you are experiencing this error code.

Disney plus error code 24

Error code 24 frequently comes up when there is a faulty internet connection. If your internet connection is unstable and its down speed fluctuates frequently, then you may end up experiencing this error. Ensure that you are not working with any chrome extensions that could be eating up too much of your resources. If you are using the service outside the US, you may be encountering the same issue. Most people prefer VPN services since they do not inquire its users to spend money.

Nevertheless, defective VPN services will continuously do a poor job at allowing you to access local streaming services like Disney Plus. To rectify this error code, connect to a premium streaming VPN like PureVPN and connect to a US server. This solution will correct all the issues and permit you to re-access Disney Plus without any problems or errors whatsoever.

Disney Plus error code 25

This error code mainly occurs when there is a service outage problem at Disney’s server end. Typically, it takes a few hours for this problem to be rectified. To be on the safe side, attempt logging out from the Disney Plus app on your streaming device and then attempt logging in once more.

Disney Plus error code 30

This error code comes up when there is a device registration problem. Although the service provides dedicated apps for numerous streaming devices and hardware, the chances are that this error code will come up when you are using a device that is not supported by the service. To be specific, ensure that the streaming service supports the device you are streaming Disney Plus from.

Disney plus error code 32

Error code 32 typically means that Disney Plus cannot connect to your account, and it will be essential to log in again to continue using Disney Plus. If you have forgotten your account email, please examine your email or account confirmation when signing up.

Disney plus error code 38

When the date and time settings are incompatible and incorrect on your streaming device, it will bring about problems when attempting to access content on the fun streaming service. Consequently, you will mostly come across error code 38 because of the differences in time between your service and the server. To resolve this issue, fix your date and time settings on your streaming device, and this will automatically make the error code disappear.

Disney Plus error code 39

This error code typically represents streaming through Xbox One problem and is quite common for Xbox One users. Fortunately, this setback has a quick and simple solution that involves ensuring that you are not streaming Disney Plus simultaneously on a different device. Therefore, inspect your laptop, tablet, computer, or smartphone. Immediately you quit the Disney Plus app on these devices, ensure you refresh your Xbox One, and it should automatically work. Another minor solution worth an attempt is to change your HDMI port on your TV that connects to your Xbox.

Disney plus error 42

Error 42 is much complicated since it is a connection problem. It is pretty indefinite if it is a server problem on Disney’s side or an individual internet connection. This error code commonly occurs in peak usage times, suggesting that this is more of a Disney problem. Unfortunately, Disney reinforces the servers to adequately meet and satisfy the numerous UK Disney fans’ demands. However, this error code may also signify that your internet connection is weak, which fortunately has some solutions to it.

Begin by restarting your router once more and conduct an internet speed test(a quick search on google will offer numerous options). Anything more than 5 Mbps is adequate for streaming. Disconnect any specifically bandwidth-heavy devices (game consoles are mostly suspects in this) and attempt logging out of Disney Plus on other devices. For a more technical fix, you can examine to see if your router requires a firmware update or delete your browser’s cache if you are working with a computer.

Disney plus error code 73

Subscribers have commonly reported this error code. Typically, this error code signifies a location problem, usually to those attempting to access Disney Plus from a county where the excellent streaming service is available. If Disney Plus is available in your area and you are receiving this error code, you may have come upon an unavailable title in your country. A good example is when Frozen 2 was available on Disney Plus in the US a few months before the UK edition.

If this is not the case, ensure that you are not browsing from a different country working with a VPN. Otherwise, it is worth rebooting your router, reconnecting your device, and verifying where you are browsing from working with an IP address lookup tool. If the results indicate an incorrect location or area, verify your running apps and browser plugins. Complicated rights problems in different countries signify that some films are being withheld until Disney gains the right to show them.

Disney Plus error code 83

This annoying error code has been among the most mentioned topics amongst users lately. Error code 83 typically means a device compatibility problem, account issue, or connection error. Principally, Disney Plus is experiencing an unknown error streaming to the specific device you are attempting to view content on. As exhausting as it is to hear repeatedly, the recommended solution is to conduct a power cycle.

It may seem annoying, but you have no idea how often a simple switch off and on will solve your tech problem. To be sure, verify if your device is compatible with Disney Plus and once you have completed those steps, examine if the firmware is up to date on the device you are viewing content from. If that does not give the results you desire, then attempt deleting and reinstalling the Disney Plus app from your device’s app store, such as App Store or Google Play.

Attempt logging in with the exact details on a different compatible device. If all the system updates and other steps fail, and you want to stream Disney Plus, attempt logging into another device. As annoying as that sounds, a device compatibility problem such as error code 83 signifies that the app is having trouble with the particular device you are using, so switching to a game console, tablet, computer, or smart TV can bring a different result.

Disney plus error code 86

This error code is mainly accompanied by this message, “We’re sorry; this account has been blocked.” Notably, Disney Plus can block or suspend your account indefinitely if you are found violating the Disney Plus policies. For example, if you are using the service on more than five devices frequently or sharing your personal information such as your password with your colleagues and friends, Disney Plus can block or suspend your account. Once your account has been blocked, whether it is permanently or not, you have to follow up with Disney Support and get your problem rectified.

Disney plus error code 87

This error code mainly indicates that there is a problem locating your user profile when you logged in. This issue could be an internal Disney Plus error, or it could be that your profile has just been removed or deleted. It would be best to log out of Disney Plus entirely and attempt to log in once more.


Among other numerous errors, the errors mentioned above are the most common ones that frequently occur, ruining the streaming experience for Disney Plus users. Thankfully, this comprehensive guide will inform you about this annoying error and help you through the frustrating minefield of Disney Plus errors and how to fix them effectively. From now henceforth, Disney Plus errors should not worry you, thanks to this informative guide.

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