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Xiaomi Robot Vacuum – Explaining All Errors and How To

The Xiaomi robot vacuum is an intelligent home appliance that assists you with cleaning your home. The appliance has intelligent programming that allows you to keep your home clean effortlessly. The vacuum cleaner has several different sensors that assist it in navigating around the room. You will clean your floors without lifting a finger. The Xiaomi robot vacuum is convenient for busy people as they can vacuum on their own. The appliance removes surface debris on bare floors, tight corners, and low pile carpets. Besides, they do not get tired as we do; hence, they can run all day.

What are the features of the Xiaomi robot vacuum?

  • It has a two in one sweeping and mopping function.
  • It automatically recharges and resumes cleaning.
  • The appliance has a powerful 2100Pa suction and a 3200mAh battery.
  • The Xiaomi robot vacuum has an intelligent mapping and route planning system. An upgraded SLAM algorithm empowers the system thus is highly accurate, fast, and has a long scanning range.
  • The scanning range of the robot is approximately 8 meters.
  • The dust box is enormous as it has a capacity of 550ml.
  • It has 12 high precision sensors to assist it in navigating correctly. Hence, the robot avoids falls from staircases and crosses obstacles.
  • A smart, electronically controlled water tank allows you to choose the mode based on the cleaning intensity you desire.
  • The appliance has a Smart App control that allows you to schedule your cleaning and control the tool effectively.
  • It can run for approximately 60 to 130 minutes.
  • Most Xiaomi robot vacuum reviews accord the tool 4.9 stars.
Xiaomi Robot Mrfindfix
Xiaomi Robot Mrfindfix

What are the accessories of the Xiaomi robot vacuum?

  • A large dust box.
  • A cleaning brush.
  • A roller brush.
  • A 2U side brush.
  • A 1U charging base.
  • An adapter.
  • A 2-in-1 tank.
  • A full wet mop.
  • A semi-wet mop
  • A 1U drag bracket

Steps on adding the Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner to the Smart App.

The Smart App is a simple and accessible method for you to control the Xiaomi robot vacuum. Using the application, you can easily manage and communicate with your Xiaomi robot vacuum.

Unfortunately, most procedures to add the Xiaomi robot vacuum to your smartphone are in Chinese. Therefore, you will have to use google translate. Luckily, this article offers an English guide.

The procedure is quite simple:

  • Open the play store on your mobile and find the Xiaomi home app and install it. Make sure to download the app provided by Xiaomi developers and not third parties.
  • Open the application and agree to all the terms and conditions.
  • Choose your country of operation. However, if you purchased the appliance from AliExpress or a Chinese webshop, choose china mainland region as your region.
  • Allow all permission and choose the “Select All” option.
  • Permit the Xiaomi Home App To get your GPS
  • Sign in to the application and sign in using your email account.
  • Create a password, log in, and choose the “Add device” option to link the Xiaomi robot vacuum to the application.
  • Choose the Wi-Fi network for your appliance and choose the room for the vacuum cleaner.
  • Give your appliance a cleaner name and finally control the Xiaomi robot vacuum using your smartphone.

However, while using the Xiaomi robot vacuum, you can experience various error codes. Error codes do not always mean that something is wrong. They also show that certain tasks are done.

Xiaomi Robot Back Mrfindfix
Xiaomi Robot Back Mrfindfix

Error 1

This error signals the existence of an abnormality or a blockage in either the laser distance sensor or the surface sensor.

Error 2

The error signifies that you need to clean the collision sensors. It also indicates that the shock absorber is jammed.

Error 3

The error code 3 shows that the host wheel is floating. To resolve this issue, inspect whether the appliance has collected a foreign object that causes the wheel to float. If there is a foreign object, remove it.

Error 4

The error arises when there is a need to clean the hovering sensors.

Error 5

The error warrants you to clean the bearings of the main brush and the fishing line.

Error 6

If there is a need to clean the side brush, this error will appear.

Error 7

The error 7 signifies that the main wheels are stuck.

Error 8

When the area around the Xiaomi robot vacuum is clean, the code will appear.

Error 9

Error 9 is a sign for you to clean or replace the appliance’s dust collector.

Error 11

The error comes up when the device encounters a virtual barrier. To resolve the error, move the device.

Error 12

When your device’s battery level is too low, this error will appear.

Error 13

Error code 13 is a charging fault error.

Error 14

The device can experience a battery fault. When this occurs, code 14 appears.

Error 15

The error code signals that the wall sensors have an issue thus needs to be checked.

Error 16

Here, you will need to place the Xiaomi robot vacuum on a flat surface and start it again to clean.

Error 17

This error requires you to rest the system as there is a side brushes’ fault.

Error 18

Here, you will reset the Xiaomi robot vacuum system as there is a problem with the suction.

Error 19

Error 19 pops up when there is no current on the recharging base.


Robot vacuum cleaners are the new norm, and the Xiaomi robot vacuum is the best. The Xiaomi robot vacuum stands for reliability, excellent cleaning, and owner satisfaction.

While using the appliance, it does not snag on the carpet tassels or cables. Always remember to empty the vacuum’s bin and clean the various brushes.

Ensure that you limit your personal information to ensure data privacy and security. The Xiaomi robot vacuum connects to the internet; hence it is hackable. Before purchasing the Xiaomi robot vacuum, you should consider your home’s layout to look for obstacles, your flooring, and the types of dirt on your floor, such as hair, spills, food crumbs, and more.

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