Samsung Washer Error Code 3e

Samsung Washer Error Code 3E

There are analogs with similar decoding as error 3E.They include: 3E1, 3E2, 3E3, 3E4, EA, 3C1, 3C2, 3C3, 3C4, 8E, 8E1, 8C, and 8C1.

In case your Samsung machine fails to display the error codes, observe if the 40°C and 60°C   and the indicators are burning. The mode indicator should also light on the onset of the error.

Error 3E basically could show up at the beginning of the washing program once the drum begins to rotate, or at the rinsing stage, or even at the spinning stage.

Meaning of error 3E

  • 3E, EA, and 8E denote malfunctions with the hall sensor or the engine. Other analogs of error 3E and their meaning are as follows:
  • 3C denote reduced motor power of the device
  • 8E, 8C, and 8C1 denotes vibration sensor problems
  • 3C1, 3C2, 3C3, 3C4, 3E1, 3E2, 3E3, 3E4 denote the malfunction of the tacho sensor

Why error 3E occurs

Error 3E can occur owing to different reasons. Below are the most common:

  • Overloading or under-loading the drum with linen
  • Presence of foreign objects between the tank and the drum
  • Malfunctioning of the control module
  • Declined engine power caused by broken windings or brushes
  • Weak drive belt
  • Failure of the vibration sensor
  • Failure or wearing of the hall (tacho) sensor
  • Presence of dirt between the hall sensor ring and motor shaft
  • Oxidation of motor shaft or magnetic ring

Fixing error 3E

Fixing the error code 3E requires one to examine the device to find the exact cause of the problem. Once the cause is identified, solving it becomes easy.

  • Reboot

System failures are unavoidable. Try to reset the device by rebooting it and watch if the error appears.

  • Control the drum loading

If you had initially overloaded the drum, try to reduce the laundry. If you had put in less laundry, then try to add more.

  • Check drum for foreign objects

If there are any foreign materials in the drum, be sure to remove them.

  • Check the tacho sensor

If the tacho sensor is burnt, you’ll experience error 3e. Replace it with a new one.

To wrap it up, you could also consider checking the motor tacho signals. For this, be sure to check if the carbon brushes have been properly fitted and if all connections to the motor are good. You could also check the control module, the motor, the motor tacho, and the motor capacitor.

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