Samsung Washer 8c Error Code

Samsung Washer 8C Error Code

8C code error description

When the program is started, the washing machine’s drum fails to cope with the accelerated speed. This makes error code 8C to be displayed on the screen of this electrical device. Nonetheless, it is important to note that the VRT+ in the washer is responsible for controlling all revolutions and tridimensional mechanical vibrations in a washing machine. It is also important to keep in mind that the 8C error is displayed in modern machines manufactured from 2013 as they have a VRT+.

Reasons for 8C error code

Failure of internal MEMS sensor

Silence or incorrect signals of the accelerometer in washer leads to the 8C error code. On the other hand, the DC92-01624A board is used to test the accelerometer. When it comes to checking the senor, the user is asked to;

  • Ensure the washing machine is switched on;
  • At pin 5, test pin 2, 3, 4, & 6 by attaching a black multimeter probe to the blue wire;
  • An output voltage of between 0.5V and 4.5V should be displayed. If the voltage displayed, which is a clear indication of the 8C error.

One way of eliminating the error in a discussion is by replacing the damaged vibration sensor.

Contacts brokenness

The disconnection of the VRT+ from the module can cause an 8C error code. One can solve the problem by inspecting and replacing the damaged P8 CN8 electrical and MEMS sensor connectors.

Failure of the control board

The electronic controller may be the reason for testing; the red wire of pinhe 1 doesn’t display 3.3V. Here, the error would appear if the control unit sends and receives incorrect information.

Motor Problems

when water is filled in the Samsung washer, and the drum fails to rotate, the 8C error code appears. This is a clear indication of motor breakdown, and it should be replaced immediately. Moreover, the drum may fail to rotate if the drive belt is overstretched or worn out.

The accelerometer and the electric motor weak connections

The drum may fail to rotate when washing if the fasteners that fix VRT+ to the motor case untwist. To fix the error, tighten the loose fasteners. The vibration sensor may give the wrong signal if the motor shaft or the magnetic ring is polluted or oxidized. The motor shaft should be cleaned to erase the problem.

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