19 netflix error codes and how to fix them

19 Netflix Error Codes And How To Fix Them

Imagine a scenario where you have everything settled in for a polite and peaceful evening of quality, chill and rest, and your dinner is warm. Then suddenly, Netflix shouts or displays on the screen, “Oops, something went wrong.” I cannot fathom how frustrating it may be, most especially if you do not know what to do. It is not surprising to discover that most of us have ever encountered such an experience, especially in the most inopportune times. That’s why we have created this article about the main 19 Netflix error codes and how you fix them.

Netflix, Inc. is an American over-the-top production company and content platform founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in 1997 and has its headquarters in Los Gatos, California. The firm’s primary business is a subscription-based streaming service providing online streaming from a library of television series and films, including those that went through in-house production.

Netflix is available globally except in China, North Korea, Syria, and Crimea. Netflix is an essential member of the Motion Picture Association(MPA), producing and distributing content from countries worldwide. Subscription payments vary depending on various factors. Netflix is arguably the best streaming service currently. It consists of numerous classic films and original series you can watch anytime. All in all, many people enjoy streaming movies and television series from Netflix.

19 Netflix Error Codes And How To Fix Them

However, there is no need to be aggravated as it is normal to see a Netflix error code while you are on Netflix. There are times when due to some platforms with the internet network, software or hardware issues, cookies, Netflix itself, and other factors, you may experience trouble when accessing Netflix.

Sometimes, Netflix errors usually have codes that assist you in highlighting the root cause of the problem. Therefore, you can find it easier to fix the issues if you are familiar with each code and its meaning. Listed below is a detailed and comprehensive guide that will take you through the set of particular and most common Netflix error codes, their meanings, and how to troubleshoot them quickly.

1. Netflix Error code NW 2-5

This error is normally accompanied by a message that reads, “Netflix has encountered an error. Retrying in X seconds.” This error code highlights an internet connectivity problem. To fix this error, ensure that your device is connected to the internet. If you are using Wi-Fi, attempt to improve your device’s connection or switch to the ethernet. Notably, most Netflix error codes that begin with NW signify network problems. Such errors include NW 3-6,NW2-5,NW 1-19.However, some exceptions, such as NW 4-7, could indicate either data on your device needs to be updated or a network issue.

2. Netflix Error code VI-800-3

This error code provides a message that reads, “Couldn’t connect to Netflix. Please attempt again or restart your home network and a streaming device.” This error code typically signifies that there is an issue with the Netflix data on your device. Fix this error by refreshing the device’s data by eliminating the cache or deleting and reinstalling the Netflix app.

Sometimes, your Netflix app’s data can become corrupted, preventing Netflix from communicating well with the Netflix servers. This problem is commonly fixed by following these basic steps. Begin by restarting your device. Then, sign out Netflix if you are still logged in and sign back in. Proceed to clear the Netflix cache or data, then remove and reinstall the Netflix app.

3. Netflix Error code U1-113

When this error comes up, it is most likely that you will see a message that says, “We’re having a problem starting Netflix.” This error code typically means that you have to refresh the information that Netflix has stored on your device. You can resolve this error code by ensuring that Netflix is functioning by visiting Netflix.com on a computer if you can. If that tactic works, then refresh the data on your device and attempt again. This code is related to dozens of different devices such as game consoles, smart televisions, and streaming devices.

4. Netflix Error code 100

Mostly, this error code is related to iPhones, iPods, Apple TVs, iPod Touches. This error code is accompanied by a message that reads, “Sorry we could not reach the Netflix service(-100). This error code means an issue with the Netflix data stored in your device or the Netflix app itself. Fix this error code by refreshing the Netflix data on your device. Typically, error code 100 pertains to the Amazon Fire TV, smart television, and Amazon Fire Stick; therefore, the options for refreshing your data are restricted.

5. Netflix Error code H7361-1253-80070006

This error code comes in a message that says, “Oops, something went wrong. An unexpected error has occurred. Please reload the page and try again.” This error code highlights that your browser software I outdated. You can resolve this error by refreshing the page to observe if the video will load. If it does not load yet, update your browser.

Alternatively, you can attempt Netflix in a different browser. Further, if you experience this error in Internet Explorer, you may be required to add Netflix as a trusted site. To do so, begin by opening Internet Explorer and select the gear icon or Tools. Click on Internet Options> Security> Trusted Sites> Sites. Proceed to uncheck Requires server verification. Then, search for anything related to Netflix on the websites: filed and delete or remove it if you find it. Select Add this website to the zone and type ̽.netflix.com. Click Add and then select Close.

6. Netflix Error code 10008

When this error code comes up, you will see a message that reads, “A problem occurred while playing this item. Please attempt again or select a different item.” This error code typically means that there are network issues with Apple devices. You can resolve this error code by restarting your device, and if it does not work, try restoring your network issues. Ensure that your device is correctly connected to the internet and the connection is powerful enough to stream a video.

7. Netflix Error code 10008

When this error code comes up, you will see a message that reads, “A problem occurred while playing this item. Please attempt again or select a different item.” This error code typically means that there are network issues with Apple devices. You can resolve this error code by restarting your device and if it does not work, try restoring your network issues. Ensure that your device is connected correctly to the internet and the connection is powerful enough to stream a video.

8. Netflix Error code 0041

There is no reason to worry if this error code appears when watching your favorite television series. This error code means either your internet is not functioning properly, or you must refresh data on your playback device. For this problem, Netflix highly advises you to clear Netflix’s data and restart your playback device. Alternatively, if the issue seems to be associated with connectivity, you can restart your home Wi-Fi network. Error codes that are similar to error code 0041, are Error 1011, Error 1012, Error-11800, Error 12001, Error AIP-704, Error 1016, Error 5403, Error 11853.

9. Netflix Error code 7034

Unfortunately, this is a strange problem. Therefore, if the regular troubleshooting steps we usually recommend do not help, you will have to directly contact Netflix customer support at 1(866)579-7172.

10. Netflix Error code AIP-705

This error code typically indicates a device or connectivity problem. This error code can suggest two things. Either your internet connection is inferior, or old information is stored on your playback device; if you can confirm that your internet connection is stable and working fine, attempt signing out of Netflix and restart the device.

11. Netflix Error code NQL.2303

This error code is an Android device problem that may appear on your Android device. It signifies that your Android device is having trouble downloading Netflix content. You can attempt our basic troubleshooting steps; in case they fail to bear fruit.

12. Netflix Error code NQM.407

This error code means that there is an Android payment problem. This error code comes up on Android when Netflix has not received its payment. This, however, does not translate that you are dishonest; rather, it can mean that your card has expired, or because your credit union or bank could not release the funds, or maybe because there was a problem with your billing address.

13. Netflix Error code U7111-5070

This error code indicates that there is an age problem. If you come across this error code asking you to confirm your age, it is simple to rectify. It just signifies that you created your Netflix account in a location where you need to be a specific age to view mature content. For example, lack of Mirror is a sensitive television series that is suitable for adults. Therefore, do not be surprised if this error comes up when you are about to watch this television series or any other that contains adult content.

14. UKNWN Netflix Error code

This error code is among the most frequent errors that often occur. It is usually accompanied by a message that reads, “You cannot access these titles at this time. Try again later.” This error code indicates that you must update the device’s information, so it will be more than enough for you to log in and log out again to prompt it to work correctly.

15. Netflix Error code TVP-801

This error code comes up to indicate an issue in the network connection when accessing Netflix. It can occur on your Smart TV or other devices. To fix this error, say if you have an issue on television, start by visiting Netflix.com/clearcookies and log in. Proceed to inspect the available errors and work with “streaming again later.” In case there are no errors, ensure you contact customer service.

16. Netflix Unexpected Error code

This error code typically indicates a browser problem. When you come across an Unexpected error message, it is generally because of the device’s browser. According to the error instructions, refresh the page and see if it rectifies. If that does not bear any fruit, attempt switching browsers.

17. Netflix Error code U1-120

This error code signifies a communication problem typically. This error code means that your playback device is experiencing trouble communicating with Netflix. To solve this problem, attempt signing out of your Netflix account. If that does not bring favorable results, restart the device. Alternatively, you can contact the device manufacturer if the latter option does not work as well.

18. Netflix Error code 57111-1957-205002

This error code indicates a Safari issue that may come up when you work with Safari on a Mac. You can eliminate the Netflix data from the browser, or you can force-quit Safari and attempt again. If you have an iPad or iPhone, do not stress about this error code since Netflix specifies that this error is Mac-particular.

19. Netflix Error code F7111-5059

This error code occurs when you attempt to access Netflix from a browser while working with a VPN or proxy. Since Netflix only has the exclusive rights to show specific content in particular countries, it restricts users from accessing content outside their home country. It may not be enjoyable to use a proxy or VPN for security purposes instead of changing your location since you cannot safely connect to the Netflix website.


Netflix is an effective streaming service with numerous content to watch on all types of different devices. Netflix is currently so incorporated into our lives that it is incredibly disruptive and annoying when it stops functioning. However, this should not be a cause of alarm, whatever your circumstances, because this guide has summed up all the most common Netflix error codes, their meanings, and how to troubleshoot them quickly. If I were you, I would have bookmarked this guide in case of future references. Using the above-detailed instructions and tips, you will have an easy time fixing the most frequent Netflix error codes on smart TVs, mobile devices, and web browsers.

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