The Nuwave Induction Cooktop

The NuWave induction cooktop

The induction cooktop transmits heat via electromagnetism into conductive cookware with no traces of temperature on the induction element. While heating up, the induction cooktop leaves the cooking surface cool to the touch without heating the kitchen, thus making it more efficient for use than other high-end gas or electric cooktops.

To be precise, induction cooking is 60% more efficient than using a gas stovetop and 40% more efficient than using the electric stovetop. Most of the flame produced in a gas stovetop heats the pan’s surrounding more rather than burning the cookware bottom, whereas the induction cooktop heats the cookware without spreading heat to the air or any other parts of the unit.

Since the surface of the cooktop doesn’t get hot, one can easily touch it without getting burned, and even if you splatter anything like sauce onto the body, you can easily clean it up without the risk of burn.

Induction cooktops heat up faster than when using electric or gas stovetop, thus saving up both time and energy. They also respond instantly to adjustments in temperature, so when you increase or decrease the heat, you will see the results immediately. Induction cooktops can only work with kitchen cookware made of magnetic or ferrous metals like cast iron or steel.

They cannot be used with aluminum, glass, or ceramic cookware since it operates the principle of electromagnetism. You can always test this using a magnet. Induction cooking doesn’t release toxins in the environment, thus making it the most eco-friendly method.

Features of the NuWave precision induction cooktop

1) Ceramic glass surface

The induction cooktop has a sleek ceramic glass surface that has high durability. The safe cooking surface makes the NuWave PIC extremely low-risk at virtually any cooking temperature.

2) Programmable safe cooking

The NuWave precision induction cooktop can be programmed to do the cooking itself without any supervision. You can achieve this command by setting the temperature and different cooking times stored in the memory card. The induction cooktop has 100 hours of programmable memory.

3) Portability

In contrast with the gas and electric cooktops, you can take the NuWave PIC anywhere. As long as you have access to an electrical cable, you can achieve induction cooking virtually anywhere.

4) Expansive temperature range

The NuWave precision induction cooktop has a wide range of temperatures. It also keeps fondues and soup at a warm temperature.

Pros of The NuWave precision induction cooktop 

  • The NuWave PIC has a wide range of temperatures and excellent temperature control that is essential in cooking.
  • The induction cooktop can also be pre-programmed for around six different settings, making cooking easy since it does not require someone overseeing the food.
  • Access to the button, which is with LED display, is easy as they located at the front of the cooktop.
  • The NuWave has a circular design that doesn’t occupy a lot of space when cooking is not taking place and is preferable for use at the dinner table.
  • The induction cooktop doesn’t release toxins in the environment, thus very eco-friendly.
  • The cooktop has a safe experience and can be used around children or near other people. The cooktop has a delay function, which means you can prepare your food at your timing. Completion of the scheduled task will lead to the unit automatically shutting itself down.
  • The NuWave precision induction cooktop heats the cookware used and doesn’t transmit heat into the air or any other parts of the unit, thus energy efficient.
  • One can clean the cooktop very quickly as compared to the gas and electric stovetops. You can wash it with only water or soap and water. The unit also doesn’t burn spills so that the kitchen won’t be full of smoke or a burning smell.
  • As compared to the gas and electric stovetops, the NuWave induction cooktop is easily portable.
  • The cooktop is relatively cheap.

Cons of using a NuWave induction cooktop

  • The NuWave induction cooktop may have gone a little too far with its safety precautions because when you remove the pan from the surface, it will automatically shut down. This feature presents a problem in cases of cooking food that requires occasional flipping as it needs you to manually switch the heat back on every time, which instead becomes tiresome to use.
  • Even though the NuWave offers space advantages, the induction cooktop’s circular design does not fit well with all the kitchen cookware, such as the square pans.

NuWave Induction Cooktop Error code E1

The NuWave induction cooktop E1 error refers to incorrect cookware or non-inductive ready cookware. This error means that the unit doesn’t recognize the cookware on its surface. Most of the time, this is due to the unresponsive nature of the cookware to magnetism. You will always hear a beep when the E1 error appears.

The Nuwave Precision Induction Cooktop has a series of coils that operate on the magnetic principle. The coils give rise to magnetic fields, which create a warming reaction in steel and iron-based kitchen cookware; thus, heat generates in the cookware. Heat does not burn on the cooktop surface and, in this way, makes it more energy-efficient than the traditional gas or the electric cooktops.

With only a press of a button, the NuWave precision induction cooktop gives you the ability to prepare food like a professional without even being one through precisely adjusting the temperature by as little as 10 degrees. In this way, it gives one more control over the way food is made than other any gas or electric stove ever could.


The NuWave induction cooktop has many advantages, making cooking more accessible, safer, faster, and comfortable, thus highly recommended as an essential kitchen appliance. With a clear and precise explanation of the error code E1, you can know what is wrong with your appliance and resolve the issue correctly and as soon as possible.

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