Tankless Water Heaters Error Codes

Tankless Water Heaters Error Codes

Tankless water heaters, otherwise known as instantaneous water heaters,  are designed to supply hot water at pre-set intervals.

Brands like Rheem, Navien, Paloma, Richmond, and many more provide these tankless water heaters in electric, propane, and natural gas types.

These tankless water heaters integrate their advanced technology and operational capabilities to provide ready hot water results that give a constant flow of affordable hot water when needed.

Despite their efficiency, tankless water heaters experience technical difficulties that they display as error codes in their LED display panel.

Rheem tankless water heater error codes

They are multiple common errors that the Rheem tankless water heaters experience zidari bucuresti.

1) Code 11

This error indicates that there is an absence of ignition. Solve this error by ensuring that there is gas in your device and that it is the correct type accompanied by the right pressure. Then free all air from the gas lines and certify that the gas lines, regulator, and meter are in proper size and shape. Afterward, guarantee the correct grounding of the appliance and follow up by inspecting gas solenoid pipes for free or short circuits. Finally, you can make sure that the igniter is functioning and that it is damage-free.

2) Code 12

This error indicates a flame defect. Resolve this error by attesting that there is a proper connection of the flame rod wire and following all the procedures in resolving error code 11. Moreover, you can unplug and plug back all the wiring harness on your device and PC control board.

3) Code 13

This error signifies a severe issue if displayed on the LED front display panel. You will have to sort assistance from a professional technician or your dealer to sort out this pressing problem.

4) Code 1L

This error designates a scale build-up. You can find a solution to this problem by flushing the tankless water heater to eliminate the scale build-up. If the issue escalated severely, you would need to replace the tankless flush kit.

Navien water heater error codes

These water heaters experience several malfunctions, but there is no reason to be anxious since we provide detailed resolutions to common errors below.

1) Error code E003

This error signals an ignition defect. Resolve this compilation by making sure that the gas supply pipe is open.

2) Error code E004

This error code stipulates that the appliance sensor detects a false flame. Work out this setback by guaranteeing that there is the right grounding of the electrical cables.

3) Error code E007

This error code implies an open hot water vent thermistor. The most appropriate way to troubleshoot this trouble is to inspect and replace the thermistor.

4) Error code E010

This error code shows an irregular air pressure. Fix this error by examining the outlet pipe for any blockages and clear the air filter from any lint.

5) Error code E011

This error indicates a high-water pressure. Troubleshoot this complication by examining the water pressure sensor and sorting out this setback by automatically resetting the appliance or restoring the sensor.

Richmond tankless error codes

These tankless devices have attractive benefits as well that attract both residential and commercial users. These energy-efficient, eco-friendly, functional, and advanced appliances do have their troublesome days. They also experience malfunctions that may make the machines defective.

1) Error code 112

This error code signals a faulty flame where the heater can not support a flame. Examine that the appliance system is collecting gas that is the correct pressure and kind. You can also inspect for carbon build up in the flame rod and free excess air from the gas lines.

2) Error code 13

This error code, associated with incoming air supply or outgoing outlet, implements significantly to the gas water heaters. This error code occurs when the drawing of the oxygen from the nearby rooms into the combustion chamber merges with the gas’s hydrogen substance.

Paloma tankless water heater error codes

These popular tankless water heaters are best known for their top-notch quality and performance. These brands of tankless water heaters have available condensing versions for high-efficiency functionality. They also have an attractive feature that consists of a scald-prevention bath switch as a voluntary auxiliary. However, there are error codes that occur when these tankless water heaters experience breakdowns.

1)  Error code 11

Guarantee that the device has gas, it is the appropriate variety and pressure, and you free all the air from the gas lines. After ensuring that there is correct grounding, ascertain that the igniter is functional.

2) Error code 15

This error code signifies a boiling safety device that may be faulty. Survey for closed water vent pipe; ensure there are no obstructions in the cold-water vent pipe and make sure it is open, and there is an absence of scale build-up.

3) Error code 29

This error code designates the heat exchanger outlet temperature is very low. Resolve this setback by cleaning the heat exchanger air vent thoroughly.


These high-quality tankless water heaters are entirely beneficial to both the commercial and residential users. They fit suitably into small spaces and still supply constant hot water flow.

In case you encounter a challenge, you can quickly troubleshoot these common errors and make your appliances work efficiently again.

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