Samsung Stove Se Error Code

Samsung Stove SE Error Code

A Samsung stove will always display an error code when it detects an error in its operating system. One of the common error codes in the stove is the error code SE, which signals a problem in the control panel. The appearance of the error code is accompanied by a high beeping sound, which can be disturbing. If left unattended, the beeps will repeat after every 1 to 2 hours until you disconnect the stove from power.

Typically, the error code will appear 10 minutes after you start the oven. You can, therefore, set the desired temperature and other settings within the first 10 minutes. However, you cannot adjust the settings after the appearance of the error code since it makes the control panel non- operational.

What causes the error code?

The following are the possible culprits of the error code.

Defective switchboard

If the keypads on the touchpad don’t respond at all, the switchboard could be defective. Additionally, there could be a lack of continuity of the wire connection to the electronic control module.

Keypad problem

There could be stuck keypad resulting from the use of the double-sided tape by the manufacturers. When the oven heats up, the glue in the tape may weep into the buttons or the contact pad. The buttons may become sticky and make the rest of the buttons non-responsive. The touchpad may become non-responsive due to glue coating.

Errors in the electronic control module

The electronic control module acts the brain of the oven as it regulates almost every component in it. The error could emanate from the wire connections to either the switchboard or the contact pad. Some elements linking to the touchpad could have blown out, too, causing the touchpad to misbehave.

How to solve the problem

Reset the machine

Disconnect the stove from power and restart it after 10 seconds. (This will clear the error code SE if it emanated from a slight error in the operating system). If the error persists, you have to disassemble the stove to:

Replace the double-sided tape, the touchpad

  • Open the top panel and locate the tape mounting the switchboard and the control panel
  • Replace it with one-sided tape if it is double-sided
  • Inspect the keypad also and replace it if it has glue on it.

Fix the switchboard

  • Inspect the wire connections to the switchboard
  • If there is continuity, remove and test the switchboard using a multimeter to repair any defects

Fix the electronic control board

If the error persists despite the above attempts, you need the help of a professional to repair the electronic control board due to its complexity.

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