samsung dryer won’t start no error codes

Samsung Dryer Won’t Start – No Error Codes

A lot of things contribute to the regular operation of the washing machine system, and these things could also cause problems that lead to the malfunctioning of the machine. These problems are what we call error codes, and sometimes the error codes do not display themselves on the screen when there is a malfunction.

Samsung Dryer Won’t Start – No Error Codes

The following are reasons the Samsung dryer won’t start with no error codes:

User Control and Display Board

Try pressing random keys on the control panel to ascertain if the control panel is working accordingly. If you discover that some of the keys are operational while others are not operational, it certainly means that the display board is faulty and needs to be changed. Also, do not forget to check if the primary power source is working, and if it is, confirm that the control panel is powered. Change the control and display panel if it still is not working.


Ensure that you have confirmed the effectiveness of all the other parts before concluding that the timer is dysfunctional. In most cases, the timer is usually mistaken to defect when the Samsung dryer won’t show error codes. Use a multimeter to test if the timer is operational or not.

Line Fuse

When the washer circuits are overloaded, the line fuse tends to blow, and as a result, the washing machine will not commence performing. Work with a multimeter to examine if the line fuse is operational or not. If it is defective, change it with a new one—research why the fuse blew up to prevent such an incidence from occurring again soon.

Thermal Fuse

This is a safety apparatus created to prevent the dryer from overheating. Overheating of the dryer would cause a fire in the long run. The thermal fuse is situated on the blower housing, just like the heating device on electric dryers. For continuity, the wick should be closed.

When overheating occurs, it results in the breaking of the electrical path. Use a multimeter to determine the effectiveness of the thermal fuse. A reset cannot arise the moment a thermal fuse blows. The best thing that will function is to replace it.

Start Switch

The start switch is a button located on the control panel. Before concluding that the start switch is ineffective, try to restart the dryer. If there is a humming sound, but the dryer does not start, it means that the start switch is operational. Use a multimeter to determine if the start switch has continuity or not. Change the switch with a new one if it does not have continuity.

Door Switch

Do you ever wonder what that clicking sound is whenever you open the door? The clicking sound is brought about by the door switch located just next to the dryer’s door. The switch instinctively starts up when the dryer door shuts.

To experiment if the door switch is functional, attempt starting your dryer and then be acute to capture the clicking sound. If there is no clicking sound, the door switch is dysfunctional, and it must be changed. The door switch is relatively affordable and uncomplicated to install and fix.

Drive Motor

Most dryers usually turn the drum and blower wheel to drain the air inside the dryer. The motor might be ineffective if the dryer is not responding to the start witch. Although, before concluding that the drive motor is the problem, confirm that the start switch, door switch, and thermal fuse are working accordingly. If the drive motor does not start still, check if the blower wheel caught up in something. Replace the engine when you finally conclude that, indeed, it is the one with a defect.

Drive Belt

When the drive belt breaks in most cases, you will still hear the motor making noises, and it will always be blowing air out the exhaust tube, but the drum will not spin. However, it does not occur in the same way in some dryers. Inspect to confirm the presence of a broken drive belt, and if indeed it is, replace it.

Belt switch

Belt switch failure is not a standard Samsung dryer error when the dryer won’t start and, at the same time, shows no error codes, and most dryers do not possess this switch. The switch turns off power to the entire dryer if the belt breaks. The switch might, however, fail, even when in the presence of an efficient belt. Use a multimeter to check the effectiveness, and if it is defective, find a new one for replacement.

Main Control Board

It is sporadic for the central control bar to become unresponsive when a dryer does not start. Confirm that all the other parts are working accordingly before getting a new control board. The bad thing about the control bar is that it is impossible to test it and replace it immediately if flawed. The main reason to conclude that the main control board is not efficient is the presence of burning or shorted parts on the board.

Power problems                                                     

To confirm if the power source is the problem, plug something else in the socket, and if the device does not start, then the power source is the problem. Check if there is an electricity supply or if the socket you plugged into is the problem.


Samsung dryers won’t start no error codes are one of the most common problems experienced by Samsung dryer users. Before consulting a technician, see to it that you have read the manual on the possible solutions that can be applied.

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