Kenmore Upright Freezer Error Codes

Kenmore Upright Freezer Error Codes

Kenmore Upright freezers are perfect for families that need extra space for storing large amounts of frozen foods. Designed with broad shelves, door storage choices, and complete baskets conveniently spacious for you to keep your foods. This absolute freezer is appropriate for you to keep in your basements or even in garages, thus saving more space in the kitchen that the freezer would otherwise have taken up.

This possibility allows you to have available spaces that you can store your other appliances. Moreover, these magnificent freezers come with a manual or frost-free defrost technique that extends the expiry date of foods that you may use rarely. Equipped with easy-rolling wheels, you can maneuver these freezers with the least amount of effort, especially in households with narrow spaces.

These upright freezers seem to gain popularity and positivity when it comes to its lifespan and durability. Argued to service you to approximately twenty years to an average of twelve years, these upright freezers have excellent service to you and your favorite foods.

Despite their incredible versatility, the Kenmore upright freezers, just like most domestic appliances, experience different malfunctions. They show error codes corresponding to the issues at hand on the display panel where the typical numbers show. You should note that these error codes are notifying you of a specific issue.

E7 Error

Stuck a button on the control. Disconnect the upright freezer for about one minute to reboot the central electric control panel and then connect it back in. If the error code persists, make sure you purchase a new user interface control.

E8/ E9 Error

A faulty thermistor. Disconnect the freezer and inspect the temperature sensor or the wire harness for any destruction or loss of connection. If the wiring harness seems fair, be sure to restore the temperature sensor with a new one.

The dot Error

This error is a decimal point only displayed in the display panel, and it signifies a showroom display model. This occurrence is where all the keys function and the internal lights work, and there is no presence of alarms sound. To rectify this error code, disengage the freezer. Afterward, thumb and hold the Up and Down keys simultaneously while connecting the outlet cable back in.

L Error

This error indicates that the control key is on. Thumb and hold the Alarm Reset key for about three seconds to disarm the control lock. If the error persists, communicate with your appliance technician.


This error signifies the turning off of the upright freezer. Select and thumb the Up button three times to show the #1 setting. Resume pressing the Up key to select the setting of your choice.

IF/ If Error

This error indicates that the primary control panel lost a feedback sign from the icing fan engine for more than one hundred and fifteen seconds. Inspect the fan, which is in the back section of the freezer component, which provides cold air for the department where there is the icemaker’s position. To eliminate this error, unplug the freezer for about five minutes and then plug it back in.

If the error persists, inspect if there is ice surrounding the fan restricting it from running. In this case, the most appropriate thing you can do is to disconnect the freezer for a day and leave the doors open to let the ice build-up melt.


This error indicates that there is a defective evaporator fan. Inspect for any evidence of damage in the fan machine or control panel. If so, you will have to replace the evaporator fan engine or a wire harness.


Communication error. This error signifies a communication error between the primary board and the display board.


Faulty condenser fan engine. Inspect to see if there is the destruction of the condenser fan engine. If so, purchase a new condenser fan motor and replace the wire harness.


Defective humidity sensor. This error indicates a short sensor circuit and that the wiring harness may have an issue. Under these circumstances, you will have to replace the humidity sensor with a new one.


With this comprehensive guide, you are confident that whenever your Kenmore upright freezer encounters problems and displays the above error codes, you know what to do and how to troubleshoot the error codes efficiently.

Like most household devices, you need to regularly clean the Kenmore upright freezer to ensure there are no unnecessary ice build-up, lint, or any stains and blockages. This regular deep clean will prolong your upright freezer’s life and give you exceptional service since you are taking good care of it.

When the error codes seem to trouble you even after following the corresponding solutions, you can visit their Kenmore repair section site and sort assistance from there. Additionally, warranties also cover these repairs and replacements that may be necessary. With much hope, we are confident that the above list will assist you extensively with your Kenmore upright error codes.

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