Instant Pot Error Codes

Instant Pot Error Codes

An instant pot is a programmable multipurpose cooking appliance. The kitchen appliance is versatile as it can cook, act as a pressure cooker, roast, and even bake in less time than the regularly used devices. Instant pots are available in numerous sizes, designs, and colors. Moreover, they incorporate new technologies in their functioning, such as Wi-Fi, air frying, and a timer.

Most models have cooking programs such as rice, porridge, cake, rissipuro, meat, soup, and fish. It also has a display panel that shows the process from the heating stage, boost-step down, and complete stage.

In the event of a malfunction, specific error codes display during the operation of these cooking appliances.

Instant pot lid error

The lid errors appear when the Instant Pot fails to seal, which happens when the sealing ring is not appropriately placed or is unused.

To resolve this problem, ensure that you install the sealing ring properly. Additionally, ensure that it seats properly.

At times, your lid may fail to totally close. To resolve this issue, open the lid and close it again while turning it clockwise. A case may also occur when the lid doesn’t come off. To fix this issue, you need to ensure that all the steam is released, and the pot is cool.

Instant Pot C6 error

The C6 error code displays when there is a pressure sensory issue. A pressure sensory issue means that the sensor’s lead is broken or disconnected. Instantly, unplug the appliance. Afterward, you need to open the device from the bottom and check its motherboard. The sensor is centrally located on the motherboard and is in the form of a white circle. Reconnect the sensor’s lead to the sensor.

If you find a broken sensor, you need to purchase a new appliance. You can also opt to call the customer care service for technical assistance.

Instant Pot C7 error

The C7 error arises when there is a defective heating element. It may also occur due to insufficient cooking liquid, or the quick-release valve is in the vent position.

You can fix this problem by ensuring sufficient cooking liquid and setting the quick-release valve in the required position.

If the error comes up again, seek technical assistance by contacting customer service.

Instant pot C6L error

This trouble error code pops up when there is a low-pressure sensory problem with the Instant Pot. The pressure is vital for the apt performance of the appliance. The C6L error shows that the level of pressure is not okay. Food stuck in the apparatus also effectuates the error.

You need to contact the Instant Pot customer care service through the phone or email to resolve the C6L error.

Instant pot C8 error

The error code designates that you used the wrong inner pot in the appliance’s cooker base, causing a pressure sensor issue. The instant pot appliance requires that you strictly use the appliance’s provided pots and refrain from using pots from other models.

Instant Pot E6 error

This error means that your appliance is overheating. It usually occurs as you are cooking. Overheating occurs when your steam valve is not closed; thus, the device cannot pressurize. All the liquid boils away, resulting in the appliance being incapable of inducing adequate steam for cooking.

The error code also appears due to the presence of a food deposit at its bottom. Food deposits can result in the e6 error showing that there is insufficient liquid. To resolve this, stir the pot’s stuff to lift the content from the pot’s bottom.

Moreover, the error code appears when the appliance alerts you that it needs resetting in its internal system. Unplug the device, rest the internal system, and reconnect it. You can also opt to contact technical assistance.


Error codes may inhibit you from enjoying your cooking progress. They can also disorient your plans as they may delay your meal plans or plans for the day. Using the resolution methods provided, all the error codes analyzed will be resolved efficiently and effectively. Therefore, your Instant Pot will be up and running in no time. At times, the error may require that you seek technical assistance from the customer service team. To do this, you may need to provide various essential information and details. Such information is a photo of your Instant Pot showing the error codes, the appliance’s serial number, and a photo or photocopy of your receipt from the store you bought the device from.


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