Grill Error Codes

Grill Error Codes – Find All Errors And Solutions

Grills are tools used for cooking meals, typically using the roasting method. You will find that some grill smokers use wood or charcoal while others work with propane gas. However, in most cases, the flavour of the food changes due to smoke emanating from charcoal or wood.

Many people love various grills, and you might encounter multiple brick-walls when it comes to fixing their malfunctions. They include Green Mountain Grill, Traeger Grill, Woodwind Grill, to mention a few.

However, there is no cause for alarm because this article will help you in distinguishing these problems and the correct steps to undertake.

Green Mountain Grill Error codes

These incredible grill smokers have entirely changed the game when it comes to using firewood since the flavours and nutrients in the food are not lost when cooking. With their affordable prices, they have been able to reach a diverse market.

Green Mountain Grill Error Codes

Some equipped with onboard WIFI enable you to control from any distance and keep an eye on the grill from your home WIFI network or from any place where you can access internet connection. However, during service, these grills may display error codes that indicate different malfunctions.

SEN Error

This error shows a faulty thermal sensor. Disconnect the appliance and inspect if something is blocking the thermal sensor, mostly prompted by lint or grease buildup. If the SEN error persists, then you will need to replace it with a new thermal sensor.

NOFD Error

This error indicates an issue with the meat probe. Ensure that there is the careful insertion of the meat probe into the control panel without any wire kinks or tangles. If the error persists, ensure to change your meat probe with a new one. With your warranty service, you can get this covered by your appliance dealer.

OUL Error

This error signifies faulty electrical connections. It would be best to let an appliance expert check out these problems because they will know how to solve them best.

FAL Error

This error code shows that your grill’s ignitor, auger, and fan motor encounter a power overload. This error occurs due to unsteady supply (when you mostly use the device away from home) or linking to a circuit that also powers different appliances that switch on and off periodically, such as heavy-duty fridges. Ensure to reconnect your device to a steady and unvarying power supply.

Clicking Sound

Sometimes you might realize that the wires beneath the hopper assembly are mobile and obstruct the auger motor, which will result in the clicking sound. Inspect the bottom for any wire blockages and separate it from the auger motor blade. If the auger fan is not running and there is still a clicking sound, then you need to restore the auger motor with a new one.

Jammed auger motor

Switch your Green Mountain grill to the “0” cycle and take note of the minor white fan linked to the auger fan’s end. If it is not operating or functioned but in due time stopped, then it indicates a jammed auger motor.

Traeger Grill Error codes

These spectacular grills, mostly smokers, are efficiently designed to supply you with an exciting grilling experience. Equipped with unique attributes and advanced technology, they make it an enticing grilling affair with family and friends. However, it is not supposed to be alarming when these grill smokers encounter malfunctions where the Traeger grill error codes show up in the display panel. There is no cause of worry since you will be able to fix these errors when they come up after going through the below-detailed list.

Traeger Grill Error Codes

HEr Error

This error code highlights a high-temperature problem. When the grill temperature surpasses the 550F exceeding forty-five seconds, this error code will pop up and result in turning the fan and auger motor off. Rectify this error code by letting the auger and fan cool off so that it goes below 450F. The auger motor will operate for around two minutes to free any remaining ashes from the auger tube.

LEr Error

This error code indicates a low-temperature issue. When the grill temperature drops below 120F for more than ten minutes, this error will show and make your grill shut itself down, and then you will have to reboot it. To eliminate this error, empty the pellets from the fire pot and commence the reboot process so that there is something to burn.

ERR Error

This error shows that there is a bad probe linked to the controller. This error code calls for immediate replacement of a Resistance Temperature Detector. This RTD is the sensor probe that estimates the surrounding temperature inside the Traeger Grill.

ER1 Error

This error displays when the thermocouple gets disengaged from the controller exceeding ten seconds. Attempt reconnecting the temperature probe back again to eliminate this error.

ER2 Error

This error code signifies a faulty Resistance Temperature Detector or a short circuit. This error code needs an appliance expert to investigate it and encase all the wirings and secure all the links.


As much as we depend on these machines and want their services to last for a long time, it is vital to note these problems that they may encounter and know the corresponding solutions.

To avert having to get by with these errors that may reoccur, it is crucial to thoroughly take care of your machines by cleaning them very well regularly and storing them in a dry and suitable environment. Henceforth, after reading the comprehensive guide above, there is no reason to worry when your grills smokers show these error codes. You will know what the problem exists and what solution to consider.

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