Whirlpool Dryer Error Codes

Whirlpool Dryer Error Codes

Whirlpool dryers, best known for having a massive capacity of washing large loads, are customer-designed for fabric care and fastened and updated technology. The Whirlpool top-loading washing machine has personalized specifications that align with customers’ needs and specifications.

Whirlpool washing machines may develop an internal problem and display an error code. These error codes will help you be aware of any issue that your washing machine may be encountering.

Many people wonder where is the error code on a whirlpool name dryer. The whirlpool dryer error codes displayed on the Whirlpool dryer digital display panel assist in recognizing the problem with the dryer and finding the solution.

The following broad list of Whirlpool dryer error codes will cover most of the error codes in the washing machines. Confidently, this broad list will assist you in finding the trouble with your Whirlpool washing machine and resolving it successfully.

Whirlpool dryer error codes

1)      FH/ E1: No Water Inlet.

This error indicates a faulty water supply; the washing machine does not receive any water and cannot wash anymore. To rectify this error, open the valve completely and inspect if there is water still leaking. Afterward, check the supply hose. Observe if there is a kink in it. Ensure that the water can flow smoothly through it and restore the tube if necessary.

2)      F4/ F21/ FP: Drain Failure.

This Whirlpool dryer error code signifies a problem with the water drain. The drain tube could be blocked. Ensure that no kink or clog in the tube obstructs the water flow. Open the filter in front of the drain tap and fetch any remaining with a bowl. Wash the filter and switch on the washing machine and inspect to see if the error code still appears. If the error persists, seek further assistance.

3)      F05/ E2.

If this error code appears on the machine display panel, it indicates a fault with the water temperature sensor. This time around, reboot the washing machine. Turn the machine off and eject the connector for thirty minutes. Subsequently, plug in the machine and activate it again.

4)      F7: Triac Short Circuit detection.

This error highlights an issue with the motor, mostly that it fails to reach the needed speed for the wash cycle. Ensure that the drum is not too filling. Ascertain that all transit bolts are detached. This factor averts any damage during transport but no longer needed when the washing machine is already in your home.

5)      F13/ F22: Dispenser Circuit Error/Control Failure (User Board).

Both the error codes F13 and F22 imply an issue with the door. Firstly, examine the door to see if it is closed properly or not before you commence using your machine. A congested drum or build-up of dust or soap may seed the door not to close properly. Wipe and clean the door lock with a damp cloth or pull out some clothes from the drum. Attempt to start up the wash cycle again and see if the error persists.

6)      F18: Control Failure (Control Unit)

This error code stipulates too much foam in the drum. Happily, this issue has answers and easy to rectify. Offload the drum and administer a wash cycle without soap. This element discards excess foam. Ensure that you do not work with much detergent in the future as it averts the problem from repeating itself.

7)      FDL: Door Lock Error

If this error code appears on the display panel, it indicates an unlocked door during an active cycle. Switch off the machine and ensure the correct locking of the door.

8)      FDU: Door Unlock Error.

This Whirlpool dryer error code appears because the machine’s control senses that the door will not open. Unplug the washing machine for three minutes to open the door, and if the error persists, call for assistance.

9)      F9: Overflow Failure or Long Drain Alert.

This error code signifies that the Whirlpool washing machine takes too long to drain water until it overflows. Inspect the drain hose and ensure that the end of the pump stands thirty-six inches higher from the floor to ensure proper drainage.

10)  F11: Communication Failure.

This error code indicates a malfunction on the engine control board of the machine. It shows the presence of a communication error between the boards on the dryer. Unplug the device for thirty minutes, switch the power back on, and thumb the Cancel/Stop keypad twice to eliminate the previous cycle memory on display. Attempt to run the cycle, and if the error persists, call for assistance.

11)  E4/ UE: Unbalanced Error.

This Whirlpool dryer error code signifies that the load should be balanced; you should place similarly weighted things in the drum because if not, the spin will not perform correctly.

12)  F12: Heating Element. Short Circuit

This error code implies that an element short or a completely malfunctioning heater, so change and restore it if necessary.

13)  F06: Tachometer Failure: no motor movement identified.

This error code corresponds to the tachometer on the back of the motor when you see it. Examine its connections and plug-ins for a loose plugging or corrosion.

14)  F10: Motor Control Unit (Thermal).

This error code implies an error with the two boards unable to communicate with each other, examining and looking for the loose or corroded fittings.


If these Whirlpool dryer error codes still occur, even after trying everything in the troubleshooting guide above, gratefully, some other options exist. One of these options involves contacting an appliance mechanic, who are professionals, to assist.

Another option involves calling and engaging with the customer service from the Whirlpool company. This option will help you engage with them and share all your machine issues and seek ultimate clarification on uncertainties.

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