Speed Queen Dryer Error Codes

Speed Queen Dryer Error Codes

Speed Queen is a famous line of washers and dryers. It recognized their preciseness to meet and satisfy your multi-housing laundry requirements, engineered to perform either as a single or piled up laundry set up. With their distinctive features, these machines offer top-notch energy efficiency and enduring performances.

Washing machines are the most utilized domestic appliances in many households. However, in its time of service, it may evolve an internal complication on any occasion and display an error code in its digital display panel.

In this case, when Speed Queen dryer error codes occur, it stipulates a technical problem or fault, not necessarily meaning that a severe error has occurred. Perhaps it could be a warning, to assist you to steer clear from a prospectively more significant matter.

It may be a clue of what system or function in the Speed Queen dryer machine is faulty or malfunctioning. This aspect will make it easier to be aware of any problem that may occur and recognize the meaning of the Speed Queen dryer error codes seen on the digital display panel in most updated models.

The Speed Queen dryer codes may result in either terminating the wash cycle or breaking down. Repairing Speed Queen dryers are quite problematic even for most service centers since they are not common.

Emphatically, troubleshooting guides make it less complicated to repair and maintain the Speed Queen dryer machines. For greater understanding and diversity, the troubleshooting guides include various models of Speed Queen dryer machines.

From here, you can pick out your model and recognize a similar problem from the list. The clear instructions include the most regular technical faults, potential causes, and methods to fix the issues.

These clear instructions offered by the formal manufacturers contain comprehensive information about every error that may be displayed by the machines, eliminating any sense of uncertainty.

Speed Queen error codes er: co

This error code, also displayed as E Co, describes the presence of an Output Board Communication. The cause of this error mostly results due to communication failure. To resolve this issue, power up and attempt again. If the error continues, examine the connection between the user control and output board, or bid restoring the user control or the output board.

Speed Queen error codes door

This error code can appear as a door as well, to indicate a fault of Door Open Indicator. This error warns that the door is not closed during a functioning cycle, meaning an unsuccessful closing of the door in Start Mode.

If the door is closed, inspect for inappropriate wiring or broken door switches. The digital display panel can display Er.do as well, which similarly indicates that the machine control recognizes that the door is open during an active cycle. Turn off the machine to clear this code.

This error code, also accompanied by error Er: dl on their digital display panels indicates an unlocked door during an ongoing cycle. To rectify this error, you can turn off the machine and ensure that it is locked properly. If this error persists, even after trying the cycle again, call for assistance.

Speed Queen error codes op

This error code may appear on your display panel as e: op indicates an Open Temperature Sensor Error. This error results due to open temperature sensor circuit wiring. To rectify this error, you can replace the temperature sensor and try again.

Speed Queen dryer error code ec: on

Demonstrated also by Er: ub, it implies that the wash load was unbalanced; in that the load could have been too small or too big. Put in more items if the load is too small or take out things if the load is too big. To rectify this error, open the door and thumb the Cancel/Power button and attempt again.

Speed Queen Commercial Dryer error codes

Apart from the above mention error codes, this comprehensive list below includes most occurring errors codes that may arise when an issue occurs in commercial dryers will help you resolve the problem.

  • ERR/Err- A coin error. It implies that the presence of a broken coin sensor. To rectify this error, inspect the coin drop and eliminate any obstructions. If this error persists, tampering may have taken place. Proceed to assess security procedures.
  • E:00- General Error. To rectify this error, put back the external device and attempt again.
  • Alarm- Break-In Alarm Door. Service the coin vault switches to correct this error.
  • E: SH- Shorted Temperature Sensor Error. Change the temperature sensor to correct this error.
  • Right, Most Decimal Point Lit- Network Communication Error. Give this error time to clear, and if it does not manifest in one minute, disengage the power unit and power it up. If the error remains, replace the control network board.
  • E: dr- Drain Error. It indicates that there is still water at the end of the cycle. Inspect the drain hose and drain receptacle to ensure they are installed correctly and not blocked or clogged.
  • E: Fl- Indicates that the washer has not held out its fill level after thirty minutes during a wash or rinse fill. There is a need to ensure the turning on hot and cold-water valves and the fill tubes’ disentanglement.
  • E: HT- Heater Error/ Wrong Water Temperature. Ensure the correct setting of the controls; a hot faucet tube is connected to “H” on the valve bracket and likewise for the cold faucet tube to “C.”
  • Ec: 19- No Card Reader Communication. Shut down the unit and power it up to attempt again. If the error continues, it means the control of the reader board is defective.


Considering that the Speed Queen dryer washing machines are uncommon, replacing your device with the latest model, which is easily repairable, is strongly advisable. This aspect will make it easier to be repaired and maintained and significantly reduce the expenses. This factor will also increase the durability of your washing machines since the maintenance is high.

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