Samsung Dryer Error Code Dc

Samsung Dryer Error Code DC

What does the dc error relate to?

Sometimes, the indicated error may not be caused by the breakdown of the door of equipment but is by careless handling of it. for example:

  1. Stuck clothes at the lumen of the door
  2. A foreign object which has fallen behind the rubber seal
  3. Frequent twitching which causes a shift of the hinges
  4. Failure of the door to close properly

Note that the main sign of this error can be witnessed when the door closes tightly and does not open.

Specific manifestations

The above-indicated error appears whenever modern dryers and washers have a problem with a door. Besides, it can be accompanied by additional digits such as dc1, dc2, de, de1, and de2. These digits appear on the display of a washing machine depending on the year of manufacture.

How to fix the problem independently?

Before going to a service center or calling a specialist, try to resolve the equipment as follows:

  1. Make sure the door is closed properly. This can be attained by opening and slamming it correctly
  2. Bending the junk-ring near the glass to see whether there are foreign objects such as coins and keys
  3. Reboot the appliance to reset the error. This prevents the failure of the electronic unit.

The main reasons and their solutions

Failure of the electronic lock

The main sign associated with this is a broken door, or it is impossible to open it. The way out is to use a multimeter to check whether the electronic lock is broken and install a new one.

Control board failure

The signals associated with this problem can be displayed either in the beginning or during the program execution. In this situation, it is important to repair the board by soldering or changing the resistors. In case the resistor is broken or burned out, it is advisable to reinstall it.

Wear of the door hinges

The main sign is missing or indirect entry of the latch into the groove of a machine case, staggering parts. This is a sign of a worn door or hinges. The remedy is to replace the door or its components. While doing this, an individual is asked to make sure the small parts would not fall into the case. If the error is persisting, one should continue to check for other elements.

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