Samsung Dryer Door Open Error

Samsung Dryer Door Open Error

Samsung dryer door open error code DO (Door Open) is usually displayed when the machine detects a problem with the door. This problem may seem easy to solve, but it often involves several tasks.

Some people may think that the action to take is to open the door and close, and the machine will continue with its usual work. However, this is not how to solve the problem yet. Use the following methods to ensure that you have addressed the issue.

  • Check the door switch to confirm if there is anything stuck on it and if you find any, clean to remove the remnant detergent particles or fabric that might be keeping the door from closing well. Put in some rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab to carefully clean the connectors. Cleansing with rubbing alcohol ensures that the connectors are in complete contact so that the dryer can run again.
  • If the cleaning does not work, disconnect the dryer from the primary power source and confirm if there are any wires with a blemish in the door locks. Reconnect the cables if they are unsteady or detached, and if the cables are severely damaged, change with new ones.
  • If the door switch is the one with fault, replace it, and the good thing about the door switch is that it is straightforward to return, there will be no need to call a technician for assistance, and to add to that, it is relatively cheap to buy.

DF (Door circuit failure) is the other commonly displayed Samsung dryer door open error code. The code is almost similar to the door open Samsung dryer error code only that it needs a bit more of a follow-up.

  • Disconnect the dryer from the socket and check for any ruined wires or unsteady wires. If the wires appear burnt, replace immediately.
  • In some cases, the entire door lock system is usually replaced when there is too much damage detected.
  • The other step to take is to leave the machine for about twenty to thirty minutes while disconnected from the power source. Plug the device back up, and everything should work just fine.

The door parts that are likely to cause the Samsung dryer door open error code include:

  • The lid/door position sensor
  • The door handle
  • Control unit
  • Door hinges
  • Rubber door seal
  • Door lock
  • Latch

The door switch only permits the dryer to operate when the door is fully closed. Samsung dryer error running the dryer with the door open occurs when the door switch does not send the signal to the main control board that the door is open. The dryer will continue to run, and the only way to stop it is to unplug the machine from the power source. Check the efficiency of the door switch using a multimeter. If it is faulty, replace it.

Samsung dryer door open error with the door closed

The following are the causes of why the Samsung dryer might experience door open error codes with the door closed:

1) Faulty Door Locking apparatus.

The door locking apparatus on a Samsung dryer might evoke the door open error with the door closed from time to time. The failure prevents itself as a failure of the device to work. As a result, the door will not latch itself correctly, and in return, the washing machine will not work.

Investigating the reason behind the door lock problem using a multimeter to test for credibility is a deliberate recommendation.

If the reason for malfunction is detected, replace the faulty door locking apparatus for efficiency. Conduct the same investigation process if the error code appears at the end of drying, and the door does not open.

2) A Broken Latch

Sometimes, you will discover that the tongue does not solidly fit into the hinge and does not start the locking system. Thus, the control panel does not get the door closing signal, and the Samsung dryer door open error with door closed will appear on the screen.

The main reason behind the faulty latch usually is wearing out or breaking the lock or spring. They need to be replaced soon if they are wrong.

3) The existence of a skewed Door

The skew of the hatch may result due to an old or shattered hinges or fasteners. To replace these items, you should:

  • Unplug the laundry apparatus from the main power supply
  • detach the front panel
  • unscrew bolts or washers
  • disassemble the unit
  • institute new hinges
  • fasten the bolts
  • place the front panel
  • Confirm that the performance of the appliance in use is as it is supposed to be.

4) Failure in Microcircuit

In this situation, the error code displays at the start of the washing process; the washing machine will begin its work as usual, but as time goes by, slow down and stop working. The main issue is the resistors that are supposed to be controlling the door locking appliance. Replacing the resistors is paramount if they are the ones at fault or even the entire board system.

5) Damaged Wiring

The Samsung dryer door open error with door closed code might be shown on the screen due to the flickering or unavailability of the board power. Moreover, the error code either appears or disappears, even if the emergency restart is present or not.

For this distinct matter, the hatch locking components do not pass on the signal to the other parts of the laundry gadgetry. To resolve this issue, use the tester repair the electrical circuit if need be.

6) Faulty door lock

Getting a new door lock solves this flaw. You can also use a lubricant to soften the door lock in case increased friction was the problem. At times the issue is addressed by gently moving the door lock up and down.


Samsung dryer door open error code is a big problem experienced by people who use the Samsung dryer machines. If the difficulties encountered, persist, consult a technician from the company’s customer care, and they will assist you with the repairs where necessary or even fix parts that might have become unstable.

However, it would be essential if you did not have any trouble fixing the problems by yourself if you experience any since the guidelines usually provided in the manuals include specific solutions for specific errors.

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