Lg Dryer Error Codes

LG dryer error codes

While dryers are useful appliances that make work more comfortable in your home, they may, for one reason or another, behave abnormally. The most common error code messages you are likely to see when your LG drier misbehaves are D80, D90, and D95.

You can use the three error messages and Flowsense light to troubleshoot the drier. Note that the error message will display for 2 minutes before the machine shuts down.

LG Dryer Error Code D90

Error d90 is an indication that the air blockage on the system has hit 90%. The air dryer is not pushing enough air out of the drier through the ventilating machine to the outside.

Three critical parts where the air drier could have clogged are air exhaust hose, the vent outside or wall ducts.


A P5 drier code is an indication of improper voltage in the power code. The leading cause of this error is the connection between white and red wires in the connections. To remove this error from the dryer, here is what you should do.

Hs Error Code

The error is an indication that the drier has detected a problem in the Humidity Sensor. Due to this error, the drier will run for more than two hours, which is way too long for an LG dryer.

To solve the HS error, clean the sensors located under the lint filter. After that, allow the dryer to dry before trying another cycle.

De1 – Door Open Error

When you encounter such an error on your LG drier, close its door. If the washer-dryer error codes

does not disappear, open it again and close it firmly.

UE – Unbalanced Error

The error means the load in your drier is not balanced. Rearrange the load by adding heavier items to ensure that the machine is balanced.

DE – Drain Error

It means the drain filter is filled with dirt. To remove the error, clean the drain filter, and the error will disappear.

CL – Child Lock-On

It means the child lock is on. To disable it, hold it persistently until it goes off.

CD – Cooling Down

Well, this is not an error as such. It means that the drier has completed its cycle and is on the process of cooling down while waiting, add other cloths to the system. If you want to unlock the door, press any lock to open the door.


The error means that the washer is unable to fill with water. It means the water inlet screen needs cleaning. Alternatively, this error can mean that the hose is kinked.


It means the drier is not able to drain the water is used in the water cycle. To remove this error, check the kinked drain horse.

T Cl – Tub Clean Cycle

To remove this error, you need to run the Tub Clean cycle.

LG Washer Dryer Error Codes Possible Solutions

Check the code connection – Go to the back of the LG dryer and check the power connections.

Reset the circuit breaker – Turn off power from the dryer circuit breaker for 15 seconds to clear power surge from inside the switch.

Verify ground outlet – check if the power cord is securely grounded to the outlet and matches the dryer’s outlet, which is 240V.


The occurrence of errors in LG driers is regular and does not mean the end of everything for you. As seen, all the LG dryer error codes have solutions.

However, in the case where an error persists, call LG customer care services or call the company’s repair services.

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