Lg Dryer Error Code D90

LG Dryer Error Code D90

Error codes are a common occurrence in LG driers. When the drier displays d90, you have no reason to worry. Such display is an indication that its exhaust duct has clogged 90%.

If the hot, humid air in the drier does not find a place to go, it will settle on the drum hence preventing the cloths from drying.

If the flow sense shows 2 or 4 bars, it is an indication that the exhaust system of the drier is severely restricted.

Course of Action

Lint Build-Up

The first thing to do is to check the rear exhaust duct for the lint build-up, which slows down the performance of the drier.

Under such circumstances, clean the vent. Seek the services of a local technician around your area or to avoid any mistakes call a professional technician for help.

Check the exhaust for any damages

LG d90 error code dryer can also appear as a result of a damaged or a crushed exhaust. Here, you need to check every section of the exhaust duct to ensure it is not crushed damaged or kinked.

Check the Duct

Inspect the drier for a crushed duct. Long runs with too many elbows are not advisable. They are the cause of long time drying.

Length of ductwork

When the duct is too long or has too many bends, it is likely to have blockages. Also, tracing the cause of the problems becomes a difficult task.

Here, check the exterior when the machine is running to see the strength of the exhaust from the outside.

To find a long-term solution under such circumstances, seek the services of an experienced vent cleaning company.

How to solve the d90 error

Ensure that the lint is free from any damages.

  • Check the vent from the outside. If the airflow is weak, it means some restrictions need to be removed.
  • Check if the exhaust hose connected to the drier from outside is blocked by lint or clogged.
  • Check the wall duct to make sure that there is no significant lint blockage on its wall that is preventing proper flow.
  • Check the vent on the outside to ensure that the lint has no build-up to the point that it does not allow proper airflow.
  • Some people prefer the vent to be on the roof while others prefer it on the side of the house. It depends on the shape of your home and the availability of space.

Reset control panel

If you are thinking of resetting the control panel, here is the procedure;

  1. Switch off the power drier and unplug from the main electric outlet. Alternatively, trip the circuit breaker.
  2. Press the start key continuously for seconds when the drier is without power.
  3. Switch on the power breaker and immediately power on the unit.

Other Troubleshooting Methods

LG driers are equipped with up to date innovations when it comes to troubleshooting. While you check for the problem manually, The Smart ThinQ Technology helps can be used to diagnose any issue quickly.

The process is simple:

  1. Tap the Smart ThinQ App in your android mobile phone
  2. Switch on your LG drier by pressing the power button
  3. Direct the mouthpiece of your mobile phone close to the power button
  4. While holding the phone next to the power button, hold the Temp. Control button for three seconds
  5. Hold the phone in place for an additional 10 seconds while the display is counting down the time.
  6. In some case, the app will display an error code instead of giving troubleshooting information


Error code d90 on LG dryer is a regular occurrence, and so you have nothing to worry about when it appears on your drier.

The error code on your LG drier can be resolved by performing a few troubleshooting steps.

Apart from error code d90, there are various other error codes, and each error code has its distinct solution. Trying to resolve other code errors using the d90 solution mayor will not give you the same result.

In case the error persists, seek assistance from a reputable LG service provider.

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