Kenmore Dryer Error Codes

Kenmore Dryer Error Codes

Kenmore elite dryer error codes are shown on the display screen to help you troubleshoot the problem and identify what’s going on with your dryer. However, as it happens with most people, unraveling the codes might seem like an uphill task since they’re mostly restricted to tech-savvy consumers. Errors on these enigmatic pieces of technology only present half the battle – and you’ll be left with the other half encounter to unravel the codes and possibly fix the error on your own. Luckily, we’ve compiled a set of universal error codes and how you can go about them.

Let’s take a look.


When the error HC occurs on a Kenmore drier, it means the hot and the cold hoses have been interchanged. The drier is receiving hot water when it needs cold and vice versa.

Rectifying this error is straightforward, simple, switch off the drier and interchange the inlet and outlets.


Error PF on a Kenmore drier means there is a power failure in the system. The drier will stop working after displaying the error.

To remove this error, hold down the start button to restart the drier. If the error persists, it is checked if it is plugged in and that the outlet of the drier is receiving power.

Error Code F22

The error means the Outlet thermistor has failed.

First, you need to check if repair or replacement is required. Remove power from the drier by switching it off. Use a multi-meter to check the resistance of the thermistor. If the temperature thermistor shows anything less than 10, 000 ohms, it means the temperature is spoilt and needs replacement.

The part that will need replacement is Outlet Thermistor.

Error Code F23

The error code shows that the Outlet Thermistor has failed. There is an electrically open outlet in the temperature sensor. To check if repair is needed, remove power from the drier. Use a multi-meter to check the resistance of the thermistor in question.

If the inlet temperature is the problem, replace it. The part to replace in case of this error is Outlet Thermistor.

Error Code F24

The error shows that the inlet thermistor has failed.

To repair, remove power by switching off the dryer. Use a multi-meter to check the resistance of the thermistor in question. Replace the inlet temperature if it is spoilt. In case of this error, replacement parts include High Limit Thermostat and Inlet Thermistor.

Error 1

The error means the drier is not receiving enough power to complete a cycle. To remove or to avoid such an error, plug the microwave into power at least five minutes before any operation.

Thus, this error indicates that the unit has not been plugged for enough time. To remove this error, let the drier run in power for an extra five minutes before use.


Just like any other drier, errors on a Kenmore unit error are a regular occurrence. However, encountering an error does not warrant any course for alarm; all you need to understand is what the error means and how it can be rectified.

Carefully go through the steps mentioned above to solve Kenmore dryer error codes you will encounter.

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