Frigidaire Front Load Dryer Error Code E64

Frigidaire Front Load Dryer Error Code E64

If you’ve seen the error code e64 on Frigidaire dryer, the chances are that you have a spoilt heating element.

The great news is that you can fix it yourself without outsourcing technical expertise, with a pair of pliers, a screwdriver, and a new heater element.

While fixing the Frigidaire dryer error code e64 may save you lots of bucks, you’ll be handling thin sheets of metallic components that could easily hurt you. Worse still, you could be shocked by the electrical components, so you have to be careful when handling this issue.

The preliminary step is to unplug the dryer from the mains power supply then disconnect the water valve, or it will cause a mess.

After this disconnection, follow the stepwise process to fix the spoilt heating element.

  • Using a screwdriver, remove them straight to the lid. Remove the cover, the lid brace, and the back by pulling it gently, wiggling it a bit, then eradicating it once it breaks loose.
  • Remove the screws holding while holding back piece – not forgetting ones in the access panel in the middle.
  • Remove the brace screws and pIf you’ve seen the error code e64 on Frigidaire dryer, the chances are that you have a spoilt heating element.ull up the brace once it’s unscrewed.
  • If you have a pedestal, use it to remove the screws at the top of the pedestal bracket and place them in a separate place from the other screws since they are slightly different.
  • Afterward, remove the screw holding then vent tube by unscrewing it at a right angle. After extracting it, push the vent tube in as much as you can to enable the removal of the back.
  • Unscrew the power connection and remove the back at a proper angle.
  • Now that you’ve removed the backside, you can pull off the vent tube and remove it from the way. Locate the heating unit from the right, and unscrew at least three portions to free some wiring elements.
  • Once you free the unit, turn it so you can pull it. It can take a significant amount of time to remove, but it should be more comfortable. Use a multimeter to test the coils by setting it to the lowest ohms setting to check each loop. By inspecting it visually might not reveal the actual state; you can try to identify it visually.
  • After using a multimeter or inspecting it visually, you can replace the part and reassemble it. Remember not to torque the screws when reassembling since it could easily bend the metal sheets. Essentially, reassembly is the opposite of the removal process, although you may have some problem with putting on the pedestal brackets. If you encounter this situation, loosen the screws on the bracket to provide more room for wiggling.

Keep in mind that the new part will likely lack a mounting bracket attached, so make sure not to damage it when removing the heating unit. Overall, always remember to switch off any electric power supply and disconnect the water valve when fixing the dryer.

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